Repainting Caromal Colours Barnworn Finished Furniture…

That lasted two years…      our refinished basement furniture,  that is. (you can read about the first refinish here)

I’ve been thinking about all the furniture in my house, and what I’ll really want to keep when we move.  Our house now is bigger than I’ll want or need next time around, so no sense paying to move extra stuff that won’t fit next time.

This furniture I refinished a couple years ago, using Caromal Colours textured basecoat paint Chocolate and Cobblestone, would be something I’d not need again – except  it really is a nice large desk workspace –

and it has a nice compact storage unit

My high school age son has outgrown the desk in his bedroom

We got his Stanley youth bedroom set when Nick was a toddler.  I tried to make sure we didn’t buy ‘kiddy’ furniture –  hoped it would last until he moved away to college.

The furniture is in good shape, and I like the design – the headboad is full/queen size, and the nightstand is a larger version (I think it was called a Bachelor Chest) –

I like the chest of drawers next to the desk – but the desk itself is peuny in size,  considering my son is probably 5’8″ and still growing?

So my plan is to garage sale the desk and hutch, and refinish (Caromal) the remaining pieces so they are more ‘current’ for a teenage dude.

I asked him if he’d like to swap his desk for the bigger basement desk – he didn’t like that idea, said the color is ‘ugly’.    Bah.

I told him color isn’t an issue… the paint fairy lives here for geeze sakes!  So we proceeded to figure how just WHAT finish he would want.  His decision?  Peppercorn (black) over Pumpkin (orange)  like this-

(my mother:

Isn’t that going to be  like Halloween?)

Gotta love mothers!

Downstairs we went, to test out the color selection. My son was giddy, exclaiming ,

I get to be in your blog!

(he thinks the sister, two cats and dog get more face time…)

Over the edges of the cobblestone-chocolate furniture I brushed on Pumpkin –  (I’ll explain my madness later)

Let  dry.  Then I brushed over it with Chipping Creme

When dry, I painted the whole drawer with Peppercorn (black)

I have to confess,  the Peppercorn is my fav color… it covers like tar –

I get smart and realize my SON is right next to me, and of course, he wants face time

so I put him to work

Isn’t that ironic how he was also in the post two years ago? This desk is MEANT to be his!   After it was dry, I sanded to distress using 120 grit sand paper. The paint will dull and get powdery looking , but that’s okey – it will LIVEN up later…

Crack open the Toner,  a nice easy to use glaze/stain type product, brush it on then wipe it off with a dry rag-

Oh Nick, love your choice – total dude finish…

So my ulterior motive?  I think I can go right over his existing furniture real easy

– barely using any Pumpkin and  Chipping  Creme on the edges – because the original furniture is similar to that toned pumpkin color that will be coming through the black…  that way it will save me time and money, only having to multi layer (pumpkin, chipping creme, peppercorn, toner)   the green furniture –

Nick likes the finish – so it’s a go.  I’ll repaint this desk and shelf set with Pumpkin and Peppercorn, and will paint the headboard, nightstand  and chest as well, mostly using Peppercorn.    I don’t think we’ll be moving until end of summer so I have some time.

I point out, while we’re admiring the new finish, that he could use his furniture as one large chalkboard, since the textured basecoats work with chalk-

Then again maybe we should just nix the chalk idea…

Are  you unfamiliar with the Caromal Colour brand of paints?

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3 responses to “Repainting Caromal Colours Barnworn Finished Furniture…

  1. Lovely to see Nick’s face….gets more handsome by the day!!
    Fabulous colour choice Patty, looking forward to the finished article

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