Final Touches On The Caromal Colours Samples…

I need to create these  samples –

Where do I start?   Over my clean dry surface I brush on a Textured Basecoat color,  then when it dries I brush  over it with  Chipping Creme, then when that dries I brush on another Textured Basecoat color.

Now the fun starts.  I grab the gritty sandpaper and start to create a finish…I love this part – it’s so creative!

I’m done sanding – powdery and lifeless but not for long…   I threw in an extra sample – Paprika over Peppercorn – since it’s one of my favorites –

Now brush the Toner on –

and wipe off with a rag

Ooooh  –


Hmmmmm – which do I like best?

Don’t forget the FINISH SCRATCH TEST!   Once your paint dries it should stay put –    give it a scratch –    Caromal Colours paint products BOND to your surface, offering durability second to NONE!

Told ya –

Use it, love it, beat it up.  The Textured Basecoat paints  dry as more of a matte finish .  If you prefer a higher sheen, or you want added durability against scrubbing, cleaning products etc, then apply your favorite topcoat –   Caromal Colours sells Liberon Wax, a lovely furniture topcoat,  that is yummy over top…     I like to use plain old Min Wax wipe on poly from Home Depot.

These 3 will get a coat of wipe-on poly so that Cindy can see what the paints look like with a satin sheen-

See the sheen difference?

Are  you unfamiliar with the Caromal Colour brand of paints?

Start here –   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order  sample colors


When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA),  and even better,  it will let Caromal Colours know that I helped you!

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4 responses to “Final Touches On The Caromal Colours Samples…

  1. Hi Patty! Thanks so much for posting my samples I ordered and for the instructions. I can tell I’m going to have a tough time deciding which one I want to use!

  2. The bathroom vanity I spoke to you about today will probably need the Wipe-On Poly. I used it for the first time, a few weeks ago, on a table top I stained. Could not have been easier to use. How many coats would you recommend for bath vanity done in C. Colours? Their housekeeper is really rough on it…especially the backsplash!

    • YES, LOVE THAT wipe-on – for a bath vanity, thats manhandled i’d probably use 3 coats. Might be a ‘return trip’ issue if your not doing other stuff onsite – I dry time on layers is 2-3 hrs, depending humidity. One thing I don’t like to do is topcoat the same day i finishing painting/toning the piece… I like to make sure its good an dry. Can’t wait to see it Kath – I need to start moving on my stuff here!

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