Caromal Textured Basecoat Putty Basecoat Sample Over Formica…

I put this together for a fellow Michigander on the west side of the state.  Jamie contacted me to get some samples for her kitchen-

She wanted to see Bright White Glazed and Sage Glazed Reclaim color samples for her kitchen cabinets,  Peppercorn Textured Basecoat for her kitchen table/chairs and wanted a suggestion for her countertops and stools…

I suggested doing something fun with the stools and layering the Paprika with the Peppercorn –

and I could see the Putty Textured Basecoat as a nice base color to start with –  would offer enough contrast against her glazed white cabinets, but wouldn’t be too dark…

I set to work, whizz rolling a couple layers of Putty onto a styrene board (similiar to the formica laminate)-

Trying to get close up here so you can see the ever so slight texture that the roller creates.  When your surface dries, before you Toner or Glaze or do anything over it, I like to lightly sand it with a 220 grit sand block.  Doing this will knock out any dirt particles or things that might be floating in the air while its drying.  It also gives the painted surface a nicer feel –

Putty Textured Basecoat, Dry.

Now the fun begins.  Once your Caromal paint is dried on your counter you can decorate it any way you’d like.  Remember when I did this one over Wisteria Textured Basecoat (white)?  (you can read about that here)

Another –  Putty as the basecoat, Toner ,Glaze, and some flecked white watered down paint over top-

For Jamie’s sample I started with a whitish shade of paint off my shelf and added a good bit of water-

then bunched a plastic shopping bag (print on the inside else it will rub off)

dabbed it into the watery paint

and pounced it around on the surface

then took a little Hasbrouck Brown – HC-71, , mixed with water, and brush pounced that here and there

I have no plan – I’m just grabbing old product, trying to figure out what might create a nice blend.  If you want real easy, simply roll on a Caromal Colours Glaze or Toner, and wipe off.   If you play, use any old flat surface you have – even posterboard will work – roll out your Textured Basecoat color, then start playing.

After the brown, I took a tiny dab of Peppercorn (black) Textured Basecoat and really watered it down –

and stippled (bounced) some of that on-

If that felt like alot of work to you, don’t fret – you can add all that color on , wet on wet – so it doesn’t take long at all.  Below is the Putty based board – top blue left box Putty light sanded.   Bottom left Putty light sanded,  right Putty with the couple of colors added in –

Now I brush the Toner on

and softly wipe-

look at the difference the Toner makes – bottom left box is Putty Untoned. You could leave more Toner on for a richer color.

Different light –

If I did this on my counter I’d finish this coloring then let it dry the rest of the day.  Obviously, your surface will require a topcoat-  I don’t like to topcoat the same day I finish painting my surface – I want to make sure its good and dry.

You can start here to read about top coat selections .

And this is a formica painting post worth reading.


When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA),  and even better,  it will let Caromal Colours know that I helped you!

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.



One response to “Caromal Textured Basecoat Putty Basecoat Sample Over Formica…

  1. Vicki Tibbetts

    Yes the toner really warms it up. :O)

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