Marty Needs Some Reclaim Paint Advice – Mocha Or Licorice?

I first heard from Marty in late April-

I learned about Caromal Colours from your blog – thank you so very much.

We are going to be purchasing a condo that has original late 70’s dark cabinets.  We are interested in painting them with Caromal Colours instead of refacing or replacing. We are looking for some advice.

Do you sell samples directly, or would I be better off ordering them from the main store?  Are their any plans to introduce additional colors in Reclaim?   We like peppercorn and chocolate…

How can I calculate coverage for kitchen cabinets? Is there a rule of thumb? Or should I just measure and assume 50 sq of cabinet fronts per quart of textured base coat?  I’m sure I will have more questions. I will definitely send you before and after pics 🙂

They included a few photos of their space

We conversed back and forth,  the Reclaim launch of two new colors Mocha (brown) and Licorice (black) in early May was perfect timing for Marty’s project….

Thanks for all your help.  Is there any way you can get credit if I’m ordering Reclaim? It appears to only be available on   Also, is there any way that I can see pics of the two new colors-licorice and mocha?

Thanks,  Marty

I let him know my new Reclaim  colors were on order and that I’d cook up a sample of each for him once it arrived.  As far as getting credit for his order, I could send in the order and then, yes,  I would receive credit by using my rep code PattyH.   (HSN will not accept rep codes)

Actually if I could just get a couple of pics of the new colors that should be all I need, we are 95% sure we want mocha, I just want to see a pic of it to make sure it is dark enough.

… I will be starting on some parts of my project on Friday June 17th, so I just need to get it ordered by next weekend to allow time for shipping.  I will definitely order it through you – I appreciate all the help and advice.

Good deal.  So I got my Mocha and Licorice in this week and sent to work creating a sample .  Here is the Mocha and Licorice Reclaim on top, and it’s sibling Textured Basecoat Chocolate and Peppercorn blow  – colors are very close

Over clean, wax free surface I brush/pounce the paint into the detailed areas

then take a whizz roller and roll COAT 1 on the flats

Let dry – full coverage but upon close inspection it is not completely covered

Then Licorice (black) – do the same

Let dry. Licorice seems to cover a teeny bit more than Mocha-

Now repeat, so that you get a nice solid finish of color, this time Licorice first-

and Mocha

Done – let dry.

I didn’t glaze either color – I don’t think it would have made much difference.  Remember, if you choose to glaze or apply any additional topcoat, follow the directions and wait 3-5 days so the paint is nice and dry.

I did, however, decide to sand a few edges – I can’t resist when it comes to the dark colors.  Here, I barely sanded the top edges of each color-

then rubbed on a little Caromal Colours Toner-

Wipe off the excess.    The Toner will warm up any raw wood exposed from sanding.  If its easier for you just rub it on with your finger

Finished –

Next to oak stained cherry cabs-

Way too easy –

I cleaned up, then emailed some photos to Marty as promised.

 Patty, these were incredible helpful!   I really like your end result, just to confirm, you did one coat, sanded,   then another coat followed by toner?  We have decided we want licorice (black), and I think we will need a gallon. We also want to get 16 oz of the toner.  Our address is…….

No – no sanding in between!   Brush/roll layer 1. Let dry.  Repeat.  Done.  Sand some to distress, when you’re all done – if you choose.   Glaze or apply an added topcoat  – if you choose (but wait 3-5 days).

This was Thursday night.  Marty’s Reclaim shipped out Friday – on it’s way to Colorado!   Thanks Marty, for letting me call it in for you – have fun painting!

Oops, forgot to add this too :

The cabinets are filthy – they are original from when the condo was built in 1979 – We were planning to use simple green – they seem to have a thick greasy build up on them. My husband cleaned a couple of doors using simple green and they don’t even look like they match the other cabinets

We plan to topcoat with a water based poly – haven’t decided if we want satin or semi gloss, fortunately we have both on hand from staining and finishing the new interior doors and trim.

 I’ll definitely send you some before/after pics once we are done. We are actually keeping a blog of our progress on the overall condo project


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