Well Who’d A Thought? Linda Tinted Her Reclaim!

This was an enjoyable email to read – I like learning new things!

I thought I would tell you that I have finished my kitchen project.  After many e-mails back and forth to Caromal Colours I found out I could have the Reclaim tinted by a paint store.

This is what I did –  I bought 1-32 ounce jar of Off- White Reclaim and went to the Glidden Paint Center in Visalia, CA and had them tint it to the pumpkin color from the Textured Base Coat line.  I like the color and it wasn’t too brown or too orange, it had just enough spice in it to make it a good color for my kitchen with the tile counter and the tile that will be installed in a couple of weeks.

The 1 jar did not cover all of my cabinets, drawers and doors so I purchased 2 more 32 ounce jars…   It took a total of 2.5 jars for my kitchen to have 2 coat of the tinted Reclaim.  After 3 days I applied a coat of satin polyethylene and the next day did another coat, then on the third day I applied a high gloss polyurethane and I got the look and durability I wanted.

I also found out that in my area which is in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley in California which is hot and dry that the Reclaim dried in 2 hours and was literally baked on to the surface in about 12 hours.  I had to patch an area on the back side of a door and didn’t want to wait 3 days to apply the finish so I tried this out and it worked for me.

My kitchen project took me 15 days from the time I took the drawers and doors off and taped off the walls and floor.  Was it worth all the work, I would say yes to me it was worth it because now my kitchen is lighter and all the cabinets are all the same color and do not clash with each other and the other finishes.  I have attached some pictures of the finished kitchen, you will have to excuse the mess 🙂

Thank you for all your help and ideas.  I got a few ideas from your website but most of them came from my head but you gave me the courage to go for what I wanted.


I know,  you WANT to see!

How is THAT for ingenious?  Thank you so much for sharing, Linda 🙂

Linda purchased her other 2 quarts of Reclaim from a local Caromal Rep in Fresno, CA.

Are you ready to order RECLAIM? 

Did you see Reclaim, by Caromal Colours,  on HSN?  Are you like me where you SEE something that grabs your attention,  but you want to know more before you invest?  So you hop online and surf the nets, searching for information – IS it really as easy as it says?   Is it durable?  Is it going to scratch off?   What does it look like close up?  Are the colors accurate?   

Well, you found the right place – I have loads of information here, so stick around awhile and peruse all my Caromal posts. Here you’ll find  concise photos,  how to’s and tips on application.  

 I’ve been in the professional decorative finishing business for over eight years.   2 1/2 years ago I signed on to become a Rep for Caromal – we don’t get paid a salary – we are all Independent Reps, and our job is to offer you the information you need to feel more confident , more comfortable in tackling your own projects –  then you will want to get your hands on  the products and create your OWN fabulous creations.  

So how are we compensated for our time and efforts?   By your ordering and using our Rep codes –  mine is PattyH  (or PattyH 5 for orders over 75)  this code not only identifies your connection to me, but also saves you 2-5 bucks off shipping. 

I put alot of time and effort into my site.  (ask my husband 🙂 )  If you find my posts helpful and beneficial, then please consider helping me in return by ordering through me vs. HSN. (its all same pricing)   If you order through HSN we Rep’s get zero credit for the sale  – and this is the only way we earn anything.     You don’t pay any more, any less – actually you’d pay a few bucks less because I’ll apply my rep coupon code.

If you are interested in ordering, all I need is your ship to address, your contact #,  and what products you want to order – the warehouse will contact you within 24 hours with tracking information. 


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