Sampling On Sunday – Yuk And Yum…

Had to finish samples so I can drop them off tomorrow morning… that’s a drag.  Yuk.

I got distracted, of course  – like a bad case of adult  ADD.

Sitting on my workroom floor was this cabinet door –

A honey oak door that I’d refinished in a Caromal Colours Barnworn finish.  I first smooshed on Textured BasecoatChocolate, then Chipping Creme, then Textured Basecoat  Colonial Blue, sanded to distress,  then Toned.

Why was it on my work floor?

Yesterday a friend  came by to pick up some Caromal paint.  She was wanting to paint an armoire  – she had Cobblestone but wanted to add in a lighter blue/teal color to brighten it and make it weathered looking.

We played with Parchment Textured Basecoat –

antique parchment

I added a drop  of  Turquoise tint that I had-

and painted out a wood sample for her.

I wish I’d taken pictures –  I’m used to posting play by plays as I tell my story.    But I didn’t, so you’re going to have to try to visualize.

I mixed the Parchment on a foam plate with a tiny bit of tint.  After we painted out her wood sample I had a some left over on the plate.  I grabbed the nearest thing –  THIS blue/brown door (above)  and began dragging the turquoise mix over it.  I used a chip brush, and was dipping my chip brush in water to loosen the thicker paint to more of a wash consistancy.

That’s the beauty of the Textured Basecoats – you can use them SO many ways!


This was that blue door up above,   which I then brushed with a thinned down version of Parchment-tinted-with-some-turquoise.   Then I sanded it GOOD with the palm sander, brushed on some Toner and wiped it off.

Of course, I felt it needed just a little more, so I grabbed a stencil and stippled it with Toner-

Pro English Manor Stencil from Andreae Design Stencils

You’d NEVER guess that this door ISN’T ancient, layered with years and years of paint and finishes….


Start here –   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order  sample colors


When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA),  and even better,  it will let Caromal Colours know that I helped you!

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.



3 responses to “Sampling On Sunday – Yuk And Yum…

  1. Ahhhhh, stenciling with the toner…..ideas are just rolling into my brain…. ;o)

  2. i”m liking that too Kath- its got a different look than the stencil cremes they have… those are much more ‘present’ when you stencil – if that makes sense 🙂

  3. It really suits the overall look perfectly!!

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