Amy Wants Wisteria Over Putty Caromal Colours…

Patty – I’ve spent hours looking at your website.

I drug combos I thought I’d like to compare side-by-side and I think I’d like to see:   Wisteria over Putty.

I have been over and over the samples and I don’t think there’s that combination.

(there’s Parchment over Putty that I really like, but think I need the lighter Wisteria over it.)  If you have a picture of that combo I’d like to see that.

Thanks a million.  AMY

Here you go!

Wisteria over Putty on bottom row,  Parchment over Putty on top

Closer up-

Left is Wisteria over Putty toner wiped with dry rag

Middle is Wisteria over Putty toner wiped with damp rag

Right is Parchment over Putty toner wiped dry rag

Wisteria over Putty on left  Parchment over Putty on right

Are  you unfamiliar with the Caromal Colour brand of paints?

Start here –   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order  sample colors


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2 responses to “Amy Wants Wisteria Over Putty Caromal Colours…

  1. Patty~
    Something about the Wisteria over Putty ~ just grabs me ~ Yummy.
    Its like a cool beachy worn look. Yet it’s not country, the beauty of it is you can make it chippy, chunky and or smooth as beach glass .. now that sounds pretty doesn’t it.
    Ideas for my fireplace mantle ~ Yay.. another to add to the list.

    Have you ever tried CC on a fireplace? brick face? Mine is whew ugly and needs a new face or needs something …
    Thank you for posting the different whites with the Putty ~

  2. yes, i find this combo quite soothing as well – the combo of wisteria with parchment is light and airy too but almost too light – can get enough from it, whereas this putty with wisteria gives it all to ya….

    no, not used over brick before, but i’m sure it’ll bond – would be easy to just smoosh on random – toning might be more of a challenge – i’d probably apply it in a more positive application – like soak a rag in the toner and just do a rub rather than brushing it all on and wiping off – think it would seep into cracks/etc – maybe get too heavy in areas….

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