Oh My Gosh I’m Exhausted!!! Pulled Off A Garage Sale…

I’m beat –   just finished 2 days of a garage/moving sale.

Thank God for mothers 🙂  Mine helped me beyond measure – came last week for a couple days to help me gut the attic, and get the sale organized and priced.

I hate posting without photos…. it seems so colorless and dull… but grabbing my Nikon amidst the last 2 days was the last thing on my mind….

I can share a few photos of stuff I sold, cuz I took photos of that to also list on Craigslist…    Patio sets are popular –

No need for three, so sold two –

Gone…. will miss these big stools that carried any butt size…

 They should make a T-shirt that says, ” Painters give the best garage sales!” …. you can’t  beat the scaffold racks for selling items….

Memories…  Once used in our kitchen, then demoted to the basement…  but it’s going to a great home and the new young wife has visions of Caromal re-finishing of the table top –

Guy’s here right now taking it down – my sis was going to take it, but they  aren’t due home from living abroad for a few years, and they worried maybe it would be liability to have in their yard unattended….   the present buyers wanted it ‘with’ the house –  PUH-leeze…..  can I say this without sounding unChristian –

You just got a bargain  ‘present-day-value-price’ on our home that was worth hundreds more when WE were new, excited home-buyers,  just like you.   We lived within our means, and waited several years until we had the cash to purchase the extras, like this Rainbow set, window treatments, furniture…     A house losing value in present day is one thing,  but don’t expect to take the homeowners ‘extras’ as a throw in.   Save up and purchase your own goodies –

Wow, I just looked out the window –

Our life is ever changing….     B R E A T H E…

God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.    It is, after all, the ending that makes the beginning possible…


5 responses to “Oh My Gosh I’m Exhausted!!! Pulled Off A Garage Sale…

  1. Yes Breathe ..
    Hi Patty ~ you must feel accomplishment this is the positive.
    Since I have been to your house and seen your “stuff” ~ anyone would be happy to have it. You take such good care of your things.
    Try not to think of it as a ending, think of it as a fresh start and a new beginning 🙂
    Stuff comes and goes ~ Happiness is hard work 😛
    Talk soon xx K

  2. I love that – ‘stuff comes and goes’ …. I just went walking with my pals and one likes cars a lot – commented on how it would be hard to give up the mercedes – my instant thought was ‘ no, that wouldn’t be hard at all…’ so much of the stuff just become white noise….

  3. It’s the ending that makes the BEGINNING possible……. wonderful way to think of it!!!

  4. It sounds like you are on your way to a great change! We are getting our house ready to sell in a few years, hope to be able to wait till Morgan graduates! Brittany is moving out again in a few weeks, she is updating lots of our old things to go in her new apartment. I will pray for a smooth transition for your family.

    Take Care Doll!

  5. thanks Jenn, miss you!

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