Accent Table Just Needs A Topcoat…

Getting there….

I’m thankful for clients that  haven’t called wondering where their table is 🙂

After all, good things come to those that wait, right?

It would have been a faster process but the client wanted the color in the same family as this other piece of furniture she had,  took me numerous attempts to create custom color blends to get it close –

All it needs is a topcoat…

Think she’ll like?

This is when I  think, 

I wish I had a quaint little store where I could pitter putter all day letting my creativity loose …   Clients could visit to pickup their pieces, while window shoppers pop in to purchased finished store items.  Workshops regularly scheduled, Caromal paints on shelves for purchase……


 Sigh….  I don’t have the money to chase that dream…  back to updating the resume…


4 responses to “Accent Table Just Needs A Topcoat…

  1. Sigh…I love your dream. That table looks absolutely incredible!

  2. No we haven’t met but I often have a similar dream. I have ordered CC paint from you and done several projects for myself and my friend Julie. If I can ever convince my husband to let me come to Detroit I would love to take the training to be a rep. I enjoy your blog and seeing the many projects done with this fab product.

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