Part 1 – Making Nick’s Youth Furniture More Masculine With Paint…

A couple weeks ago I posted about Nick’s Stanley bedroom furniture –

he’s outgrown the desk so  I sold that and the hutch at last week’s  garage sale.  My previous post shows the desk set that I’ll be refinishing using Caromal Colours Peppercorn and Pumpkin for him –

Today I got started on his furniture.

 I started this dresser  at 3:20pm –  didn’t need much… my jar of paint, a brush, some water to dip into, and some drops to protect the floor-

Always amazes me how quick and easy these paints are – and the black (Peppercorn) , seriously, covers in one coat –

You know how long that took?  Finished at 4:00pm –   that’s 40 minutes!

On to the nightstand –  22 minutes for that-

Had to get some other stuff done – then came back, oh say 2 hours later – and started to palm sand the pieces…   I distressed quite a bit because Nick wanted to see ‘orange’ with the black –

One part I sanded a little too much so quick and easy put more Peppercorn over it

using a tool we all carry 🙂

Toner time…

It’s magically delicious!

Ooooh, look at that!  My mom would hate , I on the other hand, love!

Check out the difference the Toner makes in that photo above.

This shows how impatient I am –

I stop to put the hardware back on, and the top and sides are not even done yet!

On to the dresser-

then Toning –  top drawer is done –

I did the oak piece on the handles too – I didn’t mind them as oak, but Nick didn’t like them –

I got the other 2 pieces done, except for topcoating, then proceeded to the headboard –

All in all, those 3 pieces took about 1/3 a quart of Peppercorn, and 1/2 of a 16 ounce Toner.   I started at 3:25pm and ended at 8:45pm  but took off for a good couple hours in the middle…

I think  this will blend nice with the desk”s combo of Peppercorn and Pumpkin-  I just need to finish –  that will be Part 2 !

Want to learn more about these Caromal Colours paints that don’t require sanding, or priming, or stripping beforehand?

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6 responses to “Part 1 – Making Nick’s Youth Furniture More Masculine With Paint…

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  3. Thanks for your informative and useful article.

  4. I really love this transformation. You are so talented. I’m thinking this is the direction I need to head for my eventual master bedroom dresser revamps. Thanks so much for being an inspiration. Any suggestion for navy blue? I really need to paint my son’s furniture as well.

    • hmmm navy blue…. well, if you take the huckleberry blue and use toner over it, it turns into a pretty blue…. for more navy i’d say add some peppercorn (black) to it. We see alot of customers that’s first projects are their children’s furniture – a great place to start!

  5. As always, Patty, thanks for all of your help and inspiration. So excited for you and your new store!

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