More Aurastone, This Time Bedroom Furniture Tops…

On my to do list this summer?   The kid’s bedroom furniture –  I’m half way there with NicksJulia’s needed a freshening up and the furniture tops needed resurfacing – they were totally beat up from years of girlie abuse –  makeup, nail polish, who knows what…

I decided to create an Aurastone finish on her tops – you can almost set a bomb off on the stuff and it wont budge.  These were samples we created a few weeks back, in the hopes of coming up with the right idea – notice the bright pastel glitters –  pink, teal, lime sprinkles


Funky, but I could really see her hating this in a year…..  so I decided to keep it lower key.

Start by prepping the furniture – this is a messy process –

You can see the original top and how scarred it is here

getting ready to mix the stone

A couple of layers of brushed/floated on stone mixture-

…I’m ready to create.   I grabbed black and white tints, some cut silver glass, and some black and amber sprinkles – and went to work.  Jules was cool with the idea of it being more cream and black.   The thing with this process is you create as you go – not quite knowing WHAT you want until you see it in front of you –

This was the first set of photos after I started the coloring.    No way was my camera coming out to play in this mess –

I  was liking this much more than the samples….

I layered tints and stains and twisted, and alcohol sprayed, and torched away…

One key to creating a believable  make-believe surface or counter?  Randomness –  areas of this or that,  don’t have your whole surface top be the exact pattern –

This Aurastone is not a DIY product – I’m glad I went to Chicago for applicator training, but honestly, I’d never want to do large jobs with it…  I’m happy using it for small jobs like furniture tops – especially when it’s my own!

It’s a challenge –  requires a lot of prep, smart clean up, and a real knowledge of how to create cool patterning, else your client wont do a happy dance 🙂

Once dry, it becomes all crusty and bumpy – that will all go away with a pour of epoxy –

the epoxy is like hot KARO syrup that gets poured  on the surface, then levels off and leaks over the edges –

When the epoxy stops dripping, its time to start cleaning up – peeling away all that sticky paper/plastic /tape mess.  Cleaning up early lets me reveal any drip areas that occurred behind the barriers (yes there always seems to be several) .  A mix of denatured alcohol, Simply Green and a squirt of dish soap made the perfect solution to rid the stickies…

From cleaning up the edges I made some scratch marks that I’ll touch up with paint

The painting part of this update I’ll share in the next post, for now these are the finished tops-

I had to do a second pour of epoxy on this nightstand because the first pour wasn’t enough to level out some heavy cut glass that I had added to a few areas

Now, an UH OH moment

Everything was cleaned up – all the mess,  gone.  I’m waiting overnight for the 3 pieces to dry.  Next morning?  Only the nightstand, the one I’d double poured,  was completely dry.  The dresser was very tacky in several areas,  and the chest had a single tacky area in the center of its surface.

Major bummer…    obviously it wasn’t product failure, for the nightstand was fine.  More than likely what happened was that I didn’t mix the 2 part epoxy as well as I should have – it was a decent size batch – I should have payed way better attention.

Lesson learned, a hard one.

I had to re-order another batch of epoxy – almost $150 bucks –   because both pieces will require another pour (mixed right this time!) to get rid of that fly paper tack…

So…………..   the tops are almost done.   Grrrr….   but pretty, don’t  you think?

Stay away Bella –   no dog  hairs in the drying epoxy!


9 responses to “More Aurastone, This Time Bedroom Furniture Tops…

  1. WOW, Really Beautiful!

  2. Nothing short of FABULICIOUS…….

  3. Wait, why not leave it white like that?? I love it just the way it is, now!
    Jules must be like Cass. Their straighteners and removers and potions have torn up the furniture. I finally bought an oversized pot trivet for Cass’s dresser. Because there is no way I will ever be skilled enough to accomplish what you have done. It’s gorgeous!

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  6. Stunning!…but you are way braver than I am.

    • – thanks Wanda 🙂

      i couldnt stand looking at it anymore – and when it gets that way, then i just jump off the cliff….. uncertain what I’ll hit on way down, but figuring anythings better than what I started with!

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