Furniture In Limbo… Cream… Black… Zebra…?

The tops rock

I lived to tell about that one here.

The part 2?   How to please a 14 year old girl who hates her furniture?

I cleaned up the dirtied, yellowed out cream by pulling out the magical Caromal Colours RECLAIM Off-White, and went to town doing an almost dry brushing over the old finish

The offwhite color paint was pretty close to the original finish,  so the light brushing on just gave it a fresh clean look

the thing that amazed me was I was just using a cheap chip brush – my favorites – and bouncing then light brushing over it – and when it dried it showed virtually no application marks!

you can see the yellowing I’m going over here….

the sides I got up off my keester and headed to the basement to grab a roller – didn’t want to brush those out …   again, I just lightly loaded my roller – we’re not talking drippy paint spattering everywhere…

maybe here you can see as it’s drying out it looks pretty darn good!

At this point I yelled for my husband to come video me off my Ipad.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe how I was applying it and how it was drying up so nicely.  Of course videos are a much different animal than photo posting, so you’ll have to wait a little until I can figure out how to insert that in here – right now I’m pressed for time because I have a full day ahead of me.

Whiny teen insists we need the silver back -she HATES the cream….   so I grab the Modern Masters silver and dry brush it back over the detailed areas and hardware…   THEN….. she wants the whole side paneled ares filled in with silver

it didn’t look too gawdy on the nightstand, but on the bigger pieces I hated it!

Crap…. I was not happy.  You know when you get something done and you’re looking at it and it’s just NOT making you feel warm and fuzzy?    I had turned her furniture into granny furniture!   Sigh……….

So it sat that way for a few days…. I’m still waiting to repour the final epoxy anyway, so I feel like it’s still

F U R N I T U R E    IN   P R O C E S S

Yesterday my sister took Julia and I to get our nails manicured.  They look beautiful – we both went with a French Manicure.   So what do I do last night?  Head to the workroom and grab the jar of Caromal Colours Reclaim Licorice!

I hated the cream.  Didn’t want to paint it white …   what about doing a cool vintage look incorporating black with a slight bit of cream coming through from behind?   I love Jimmy Martin pieces – I’ve had their link in my favorites for a long time – they are in the UK and create funky, one of a kind furniture however they wish and it is in mad demand!

Jimmy Martin Paris

Jimmy Martin, Imperfection

Jimmy Martin, Tiger

I realize – there is no right or wrong , merely find the place that makes you happy!

And the best way to make a teenager happy?  Include them in the fun!

Notice the zebra down the sides?  Jules idea….   and shes adding a little stripe action on the hardware…

Zebra stencil I used to do the side –   from Hobby Lobby-

So, we’re on our way ….   don’t be frightened,   it will be really cool when we’re done!   More to come later….

One response to “Furniture In Limbo… Cream… Black… Zebra…?

  1. She’s got your gift Patty! It looks so cool. 🙂

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