Visualizing Caromal Colour Options In Your Kitchen Design…

Sometimes, hearing someone else thinking out loud,  figuring out where to start or a color to pick,  can help us in our own process.

Kate writes,

Hello Patty,

I was thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets with Caromal Colours. I’m not sure what color … Wisteria or Parchment?     Is glazing different from the toner?  

I want to paint my bar a different color – thinking peppercorn… Every time I walk in my kitchen, the grain in that oak just screams at me…   I am not going to lie, I’m a little scared to paint them., but I loved how Jillian’s kitchen  cabinets turned out.

Like this island

My counter tops are venetian gold granite.   There are some flecks of black in the granite-

The kitchen walls are painted with a Martha Stewart color called coriander

My floors, dining room table and bar stools –

I would appreciate any advise you can give me about these products.  I think I will order a sample just to be sure… I’m a visual person…  Thanks again, Kate

I think you’d be best off using the Wisteria –

a crisp color and it glazes nicely –  well, both do (Parchment too)

antique parchment

but that island  you like reminds me of a whiter finish not creamy.   Either way,  both will go with your granite.    Nice paint color too –  again,  I think I’d like the slight lighter choice on cabs , will be set off more against paint, than the creamier Parchment.

Both colors are quite similar,  it’s not like HUGE different….  If you are unsure you could always order samples of each –  I have those here

You could distress easily to a simliliar effect of that island, given your natural wood finish on the existing cabs….

The peppercorn would be lovely with your granite as an accent color.   The chocolate might be nice too –      but black goes the long haul –  will never go out… my island is black – I love it.

Glazing is same as Toning –  it’s the after product that you brush on over the finished doors, then wipe off.  The Toner is one product,

however you can use the  Coffee Stain Glaze or Tea Stain Glaze (wall glazes) over the Caromal paints –

on the 2 light paint colors (Wisteria and Parchment)  – it gives a softer glazing effect, whereas the Toner will provide a richer antiquing.

I’m visual too-  check this post out-

Are you looking for smoother finish or slight texture?   If you decide to move forward we could chat on phone for a quick (well, probably not quick cuz I ramble on)  –  but its easier on phone to talk about the simple how’to’s, as well as if you are in process and need help, feel free to call me on my cell….

Hey Patty,

Thanks for the pics.. I would like to order  some samples.  Yes I do want to use the  toner. I was thinking maybe you could send me sample of parchment and  wisteria with toner…

I am going to paint the bar first. After I get your samples and make a decision then we will tackle the rest of the kitchen.. To help to save my marriage while doing this DIY project the least amount of steps to create the look I want the better..

Thanks   Kate

Unfamiliar with Caromal Colours DIY paints?  We need to change that!  Caromal Colour paints offer the best of both worlds –  ease of use,   they bond to nearly any surface  (no stripping, priming, sanding)  so go right head and paint over your old cabinets. And, even better,  this paint is durable – once it dries it won’t budge – just what you need!

Start here –   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers


When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA).

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.



7 responses to “Visualizing Caromal Colour Options In Your Kitchen Design…

  1. dear patty,

    you are amazing, your projects are fantastic and i have to share with everyone that i am just so proud to have my paints in your hands!

    founder, caromal colours

  2. Melissa Favata

    So, my new house has white corian countertops w/a green band through the sides. We plan on getting granite, but in the meantime, do you think i can just paint it so I dont have to look at that hunter green?? lol If so, which paint do you recommend for that job?

  3. What color & toner were used on the island above. I have delicatus white granite counter tops and I am wanting to paint my cabinets with the Caromal Colours paint. Thanks so much.

  4. I have Santa Cecilia Gold granite, painting my cabinets. I cannot turn back now, and cannot for the life of me finish this project due to not finding the right shade for cabinets. Its all primed and ready for paint. Either too white or I cannot find anything. ave any ideas anyone??? Want a creamy shade, but not the distressed look. HELP!!!!

  5. Reclaim paint is the easist to use on cabinets and can be a very Clean look if thats what your looking for. Bright White & Off white are the 2 lightest colors, you get different shades by using the glazes, which don’t neccessarily give a ‘Distressed’ look, as much as a Finished look. If you see colors on line that you like we offer painted wood sample for purchase.
    Hope this helps

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