Paprika Red Caromal Colours Paint…


Paprika Textured Basecoat –

…used the Paprika thinking it would be closer to Barn Red but it isn’t. I ended up topping it with the toner to darken it and that helped.  Jeanie

Paprika and Toner, tucked nicely in a Distress for Success Kit-

using the delicious Toner can bring the paint color to this tone –

Paprika over Mustard, toned

Mustard over heavily textured Paprika, toned –   and  Paprika over heavily textured Peppercorn, toned

Toned Paprika

Paprika over stippled Peppercorn, sanded back and tone

One of my favorite kitchen updates, I love the pop of interest Felicia brought to her kitchen by using Paprika, toned, on her island and corner cabinet  (the rest of her kitchen is toned Parchment) –

samplings of Paprika over Peppercorn and Paprika over Cobblestone, both lightly sanded (so they are powdery dull) and not yet Toned-

See the difference the Toner makes

this is one layer of Paprika, untoned and unsanded.  It will get a coat of chipping creme, then Bayberry, then after its dry a light  sand to pop that Paprika color then a topping of Toner

Paprika over …  Chocolate?   then Toned –

Toned paprika frame mixed in with Peppercorn plastic letters and a silver gilded night light-

Three paprikas here –  Paprika over Parchment, Toned bottom left,  Peppercorn over Putty, Toned middle,  Paprika over Wisteria, Untoned top right…

Paprika over Putty, Toned

Paprika over Chocolate, heaviliy distressed – the faint light color is the remains of the chipping creme – this is an old sample when the chipping creme dried milky in color.  The new chipping creme dries clear now so that you don’t end up with an unexpected 3rd color popping up

A popular sample – mustard over a light textured Paprika, then toned

Last but not least,  a popular Paprika sample –

This was a Paprika door that had been Toned already.  I decided to do a second layer of Toner

after I got the Toner brushed on, I used a dry chip brush to drag through the Toner, creating a strie – it gave it a straight grain effect-

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoats,  head here   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors


When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA). ( This code is needed in order for me to receive credit as well –   if you forget to use it I lose, so please use it!)

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2 responses to “Paprika Red Caromal Colours Paint…

  1. I just have to let you know that the entertainment center is actually the Candy Apple Red toned. :o) ~Kim~

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