A Caromal Question Answered – Reclaiming Oak Kitchen And Killer Knobs…

Hi Patty,

I have just stumbled upon your website and have read most of the posts and I have a few questions.  I am about to paint a lot of oak cabinets in the kitchen and three large built-in oak cabinets in the dining room, living room and entry room.  I was going to do an off white and I just spent a few hours sanding a lot of cabinets. When I saw your paint doesn’t need the cabinet to be sanded I was intrigued. As I’d rather not have to sand anymore!

I’ve attached a few pictures. There are four built-in cases and the kitchen cabinets. I’ve already taken the cabinets off in the kitchen

 The house is a Tudor style with the floors are a dark, large planked oak and the draperies are fall colors (gold, rust, cream).  My idea is to lighten the cabinets with painting and I am hoping the glaze will add a nice, finished, decorator look.

A few questions:

Can the paint go on tile, i.e. the backsplash? If I repaint the cabinets I’d love to repaint the backsplash as well if possible.

Do you think the glaze looks good over the whole cabinet or just around the indented part, where the insert edge is?

What contrasting color looks good on the inside of the cabinets for the built-in ones? Those shelves are either open or show through glass and I thought a contrasting color would add interest

Also, I have these knobs but I don’t know if they are going to go once the painting is done.  I may need just a traditional type knob. The top knob is large for the larger cabinets and the bottom one is small for the smaller cabinets.  There are also coordinating pulls for the drawers.

These colors really match the drapery and wall colors.  I’d love your opinion.

Thank you, Ilene

Hi Ilene,

Sorry you didn’t find this paint before sanding what you did!

The paints will bond to tile – again, make sure your surface is scrubbed clean and grease free.  And of course you’d want to make sure and topcoat with your favorite durable topcoat.

Lovely detail –   I’ve worked on doors like yours.  I’ll tell you those rounded arches on the panel detail are a little more time consuming to paint than straight lined ones….

You ordered the reclaim off white and glaze –  for this type finish  https://fabulousfinishes.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/caromal-colours-reclaim-off-white/

The glaze will add a lovely finish effect to the painted surfaces – but wait at least 3-5 days before applying the glaze.  You can take off as little or as much as you’d like.

You need to glaze the whole cabinet- its impossible to try and glaze only the inner edges, unless you tried to apply it with a straight edge and a thin artist brush …

I LOVE that stained glass detailing on your built ins-  so what color would be a nice compliment?  Well, the paprika would be my first choice, since that color toned would be much like your drapes – and it with the glazed cream is nice – so is the chocolate but that might be too dark for you, especially if your floors are dark…

This is the paprika with 2 layers of toner on  it

Next to Reclaim glazed Off White

You got those knobs????   I love!!  I did a post on that lady –  (Susan Goldstick)  https://fabulousfinishes.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/killer-knobs/  – they are so so lovely……

I think you can pull off these knobs –  to me, they will end up looking quite  vintage on a distressed neutral cab, don’t you think?

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