You Know It’s Sunday… I Think!

Back from Virginia… we rolled in late last night – around 1 am.   It was a week that flew by, except for the long car ride there and back

Stuffed to the gills with riders, suitcases, pillows, electronic gadgets and miles of munchies…

The weather was crazy hot and humid, no different than the crazy hot we have been experiencing here in Michigan,  but being on the ocean with a big resort pool made it way more bearable

I love the wide beach on this side of the world  – they do a really nice job keeping it clean, and the near three miles of boardwalk was a great place to roller blade in the morning, before the temps got to 100….

Traffic is crazy in the Virginia Beach/Hampton area – its like rush hour 24/7….  that made for an interesting ride to and from the Hampton Convention Center where this year’s 2011 IDAL (International Decorative Artisans League) Convention was held.   That was the reason for our trip –  Caromal Colours hosted a demo booth at the Expo Center

Can you believe –  me, the constant photo taker, did not remember my camera?   I snatched this photo from another convention visitor – when I get my hands on another worker’s photos I’ll share those here.

Working a booth is crazy – its pretty much non stop, welcoming, explaining, demonstrating –  almost no time to sneak off for even a bathroom break!  I snuck away once,  to hit up the Wallovers booth where owner/artist Cynthia Davis was selling her latest stencil designs.   Again, I wish I had my camera,  her samples are so pretty!   I came home with Gabriels Gate

can’t wait to try it on a wall sample or even a piece of furniture.

I’m thankful –  for good people in my life, for being able to experience Virginia Beach with my family , to enjoy a relaxing few days in the sun and sand – almost making me forget all the rest of the crazy stuff going on  in my life …  Thank you Lord, for keep us safe and sound.

This afternoon my son re-packs and will be heading to St. Kieran’s Youth Ministry Mission 2011 for the week –

they are helping Habitat for Humanity build houses for the less fortunate.   Please keep the group in your prayers – stay safe and hydrated – have fun and God Bless!


2 responses to “You Know It’s Sunday… I Think!

  1. Patty, I wish I could have been there with you. I know you were busy, but it would be cool to see all the new stuff. LOVthat stencil….what other booths were good?

  2. The stencils were cool, there was a fun booth with newer patterned foils for wall finishes – that was tempting… my finisher friends Krista and Cindy from The Studio Destin had a great eye candy booth loaded with cool counter and floor finishes – similar to that material I used on Julia’s furniture tops…

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