Repainting Oak Nightstands Caromal Colours Black And?

This was a different one.   These night stands needed updating, to tie in with a  guest bedroom makeover.   The ID suggested


That’s easy, says I, for I am the Caromal Colour queen and know that the Peppercorn texured basecoat and some Toner will be lovely on the stands…

The next day, before I finished another space,  I hopped over to the night stands with the intention of painting them Peppercorn-

Second coat, ‘scrubbing’ it in , using Peppercorn cut with a little water –

The ID stopped by,

Whoa, that is REALLY black!

Uh oh….  right?

You said black.

Well I didn’t mean that color – something more like this bronze color in the bedding…’

Obviously a case of mixed signals – but these babes were already on the black train, and there was no easy turning back.   She suggested I glaze over them with something that would lighten them.   Hmmmm……

I had some Modern Masters Metallic Paint Warm Silver Glaze that I’d brought for the other job – it resembled the shimmer champagne damask in the bedding – so I pulled it out and asked her if she’d like me to try that.  Of course, yes – and she wanted me to also use a little of the plum/berry glaze color I had…

I finished the two coats, then lightly sanded the stands, which turned them chalky looking…  then I used the glazes over the drawer and waited for her response.

Great, do it!  So I continued on.  One done, one left

Light sanding for a soft feel


Thanks Caromal, for at least saving me time on the front end!

Unfamiliar with Caromal Colours DIY paints?   Caromal Colour paints offer the best of both worlds –  ease of use,   they bond to nearly any surface  (no stripping, priming, sanding)  so go right head and paint over your old cabinets. And, even better,  this paint is durable – once it dries it won’t budge – just what you need!

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