“… I Redid Our Kitchen Cabinets And Made A Muck Of Things…”

Robyn writes,

I saw your website and liked the techniques you were using with Caromal Colours.

My husband and I redid our kitchen cabinets ourselves and made a muck of things. I tried to do white cabinets using latex and primer. I did not know about Caromal Colours at the time. Basically I sanded our cabinets (not a good job) then added primer(which left bumps all over) and then applied a latex paint. It’s horrible and embarrassing. My husband even tried to drill holes for the new hardware and missed drilled a few doors. LOL

I want to redo our kitchen again but need advice on which products to use. I am a little confused on the product lines of Caromal Colours. I want to do my cabinets dark this time. Do I need to sand them if their bumpy? I like the whole farmhouse kitchen idea but not sure how to achieve the look. We really can’t afford to buy new cabinets. Any advice would help thanks! I attached a few pics but you can’t really see the bumps in these pics.   thank you!

What a cool update so far!

I replied,

So you sanded, primed –   bumps ?   from the roller’s stipple possibly?  How did you apply primer, roller?  What about the latex, rolled?   Did you topcoat after that?

How BUMPY are they? Like flat bumpy?  Or raised  bumps   ?   if its flatter but stipply, I think you’d be fine going right over it w/out extra sanding… but if its raised or sticking up I’d probably give it a quick 1-2 sand over to knock the bits down.

LOLOLOLOL on your husband drilling holes wrong!   –  tell him I did that too – in my own kitchen –  was ‘adding’ hardware to doors never having any, and drilled the  handle screw holes into the wrong side of the door !  couldn’t even flip the door around –  ended up having to fill the holes with wood filler. ..

Don’t be confused on the Caromal Colour paints –   there are 2 lines –  the first line is the Country Living textured basecoats line –  12 colors…. But you can mix, tint, make them your own –   the other line is the newer REclaim that comes in 6 colors, is thinner and easier to apply because all you do is basically whizz roller it on , 2 coats, and voila.

The Reclaim will be easier to apply –  roll on , 2 layers,  once dry – no sanding and it dries to a satin type finish – can topcoat for added protection but it isn’t mandatory as it has a built in sealer.

The Texture Basecoats are thicker,  you can apply them however you want – they will hide more imperfections on your basecoat,    you light sand and then brush on the toner and wipe off.    Once all is dry you’d want to topcoat w/your favorite topcoat for protection and sheen.

Any idea what color you want, when you say dark?  Quite a few would work in your space, given the surroundings are so neutral…   you could even use it on that window behind your sink –  it bonds to metal you know –  could be very cool……..

I’d be doing same thing –  re-using what you have,  to buy time  –  this is the NOW , compared to the past where we had no choices –    the houses in my area have seen their values cut literally in ½ –   its not worth it to dump thousands anymore into a kitchen…. unless you have money falling from trees…..

Hope this helps –  let me know if you have anything else –  patty


Thanks so much for your response. This info will really help us a lot! I am really looking forward to using the Caromal Colour paints. 

…looking closely the bumps on the cabinet are not that bad. I can sand the areas that I don’t like before using the paint. They were an oak before we painted them. We were thinking we wanted to do a really dark brown or black. My husband is not a big fan of the white cabinets even though I am –  I decided to compromise and go dark.

  …  looking forward to changing the cabinets. Thanks Again!

I admire her for spraying…  I’ve never done,  though prior to my Caromal Colour days I never offered cabinet finishing in my portfolio because I felt that was the ONLY way to do it right.

I wished good luck to them –  I know it will be a success.   Both dark colors, the brown and black,  are yummy and rich – cant go wrong with either.

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