A Caromal Question Answered – Black Islands And Glazed Walls…

Hi patty,

I just ran across your blog and am so excited to have found you!   I am ready to embark on two big projects.  First is my kitchen island.  It is a beautiful piece but I really want to refinish it black with some of the natural cherry color peaking through.  My uppers are also cherry stained maple with some iron work.  Which products do you recommend to achieve this?

My second endeavor is for wall glaze.  My walls are venetian plaster, but are painted matte ivory with no over glaze.  Does Reclaim offer a product that would allow me to glaze the walls without requiring an eggshell base coat.  I am okay with the color for a base so would love to eliminate another base coat if possible.

Thank you!      Janet

Nice to meet you too!   Black  distressed over cherry would be a lovely focal point.   To achieve that you could brush on the Textured Basecoat Peppercorn (black) then sand back to reveal your existing cherry color,  or you could use the Reclaim Licorice (black) , rolling it on and sanding back to your existing cabinet finish.   Either would get you the results you’re looking for…

Don’t do anything over those matte plaster walls –  you will ruin the finish.    If your color is perfect, then I’d recommend rolling on a coat of the Caromal Colour Wall Sealer – its just that – a sealer for use over unsealed walls (ie  your plaster).  It is clear so your existing wall color is still in play – and one coat will do ya.   THEN use one of their wall glazes –  it’s a lovely glaze that is easy to work – it stays open much longer than local box store glaze – and isn’t super strong in tint so its subtle and natural looking.

The glaze comes in 2 colors – coffee stain and tea stain –  coffee is more brown and tea is earthy brown like warmer brown with hint of green in it.

Hope this helps!


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