My Company, Fabulous Finishes, Is Opening A Real Live Store (With A Window!)


Fabulous Finishes

44972 Van Dyke Rd

Shelby Twp., Mi 48317


My emotions are flying….












After many days and hours and conversations, we have decided to take the risk and jump off the cliff.  Cliff, you ask?    That’s the easiest way for me to describe it –  our life is upside down, my husband is still seeking employment, we are in the midst of short saling our house and downsizing,  and I am opening a retail space?  In this economy?  Are we CRAZY????

If I’ve learned one thing this last year, it has been that WE don’t have control –  I can’t be sure of anything…  life as we know it, as we ‘control it’  can change in an instant.

I started my decorative painting business, Fabulous Finishes, 8  years ago.  Who would have thought I’d be creatively successful ,  my background was math and computers…    Then 2 1/2 years ago I got involved with Caromal Colours – a DIY paint company that has helped me realize my TRUE calling – creating and helping others create.    In a way  its a perfect mix of my structurally thinking right brain and my ever snapping colorful left brain.

How I can BEST help my family situation?   I believe the answer is by taking my drive and creative vision and passion and making something big of it – way bigger than it is now.  A few days ago I signed a lease for 1300 sf of retail space on Van Dyke Rd in Shelby Township!

Here’s a sneek peak

We hung a temporary sign and propped a few cabinet finish samples in the window until I can REALLY make the space my own…

Here is an inside view, which I almost didn’t share because it is SOOOOO …..  what’s the right word  – WRONG?     Trust that it will change DRAMATICALLY in the next 4 weeks –

I describe the space in three

  – the front area will be show/room/display/retail

 – the middle area (presently offices) will be an open concept for the workshops and design area, complete with 2 handcrafted 4×8 rolling work tables

 – the back area will be a working space, clean up and storage

This is from the back door looking in toward the front

Of course I’ll make sure and bring you along  on this journey of making this nasty office looking space a warm and welcoming place I can call Fabulous!

In the mean time,  if you pose a question to me either via phone or email, remember I NEVER delete them until I return them, but this month I might be longer in the response time – I’ve got a zillion things to do!

Wish me luck –  this is do or die – if I can’t get this concept of Do It Yourself with really cool, easy and durable products going in Metro Detroit,  then I’ll humbly hang up my creative hat and reprint my resume!

(proposed window design)


16 responses to “My Company, Fabulous Finishes, Is Opening A Real Live Store (With A Window!)

  1. congrats,lord hates a coward You have a very good outlook in life and a wonderful idea.If you don;t chance it you would never know if it would work .I think your in the right frame of mind to open up in this economy,because it can only get better now not worse.I will even stop by and wish you luck.And maybe buy some paint.Good luck God bless you and your family.Your friend Kenneth,

  2. Congratulations on taking the plunge! I love your blog and your cheerful sense of humor! May God bless your new pursuits richly.

    Edie, (a new Caromal Colours rep in Ohio.)

  3. Congratulations Patty! I know you will be “fabulous”. You are so creative and helpful and once people see this product in action, it practically sells itself. Good luck to you and your family. Kim Lusher

  4. I am extremely excited for you. You will do FABULOUS. You have so much energy and that’s why I did my cabinet.

  5. OMGsh!! What took you soooo long? The combination of you and Caromal Colours is going to blow them away! No fear my friend… are FABULOUS!!! Hugs!

  6. God goes with you and you KNOW you have my support! Your ambition and faith will take you far, Patty!
    Here’s to ya!

  7. Congratulations! I look forward to watching the store transformation.

    I want to hear all about it.
    I want to follow in your foot steps!!!
    Let me know the nitty gritty details.

  9. I am just about in tears seeing this Patty…you are going to blow them away. I love all your ideas and just to see the place and it is REAL!!!

  10. Good for you! I am excited too.

  11. I love you guys!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being my biggest cheerleaders 🙂

  12. Hi Patty,

    Congratulations! Very best wishes to you in your new endeavor. That’s pretty cool, By sharing your God given talent you deserve 5 stars. I will keep cheering.

    Susan Lim

    • Susan, thank you for that! I can’t tell you how my eyes have opened this last year – to God’s blessings, and realizing just how He is the conductor of my life…. I truly am blessed that he’s paired me up with these hands….

  13. Living your dream, and mine too. What a wonderful adventure!! I am so excited for you.

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