Please Pray For Sadie… Right Now!

I got an email  early this week from a late night reader,  she made me smile with her title  “from a tired mom up too late!”

Hi there Patty!   I am up way too late, knowing I should be in bed because I have 3 sick kids who will be up throughout the night….BUT….I came across your blog, and can’t stop reading!    … looking for some ideas for my kitchen cupboards, bedroom doors and bedroom closets.  …(want to) update without much cost.  Would I be able to send you some pictures and see what you think?   Would love to hear from you…  Shannon

I emailed her back

Hi Shannon-  another up WAY TO LATE person 🙂     all three of those things – cupboards, doors and closets, can be updated using the Caromal paints -send me a photo of your kitchen  and I can shoot you back some color options –    as far as doors and closets –  the reclaim would be easiest – rolls right on and would bond –  you’d want to make sure your surfaces and clean , wax free,and dry .   there are 6 colors available but you can also get the white tinted at your local paint store – ask me about that if you’re interested.   A cool  newer thing is doing your doors dark – I LOVE that….    Talk soon, patty

Just like any other day, right?  Nope…   as God has been showing me this last year,  we don’t know WHAT he has in store for us today…   So this morning, I wake up and there is another email from Shannon,

Hi Patty….sorry to not reply sooner.  my youngest went into the hospital literally hours after I wrote you and has been there ever since.

there is no explanation for her sickness, and she has not woken up for 4 days now.  I am taking a physical and mental break to  not think about it for a minute and just return some emails.

Her name is Sadie, she is 3.  Appreciate your thoughts and prayers!!


I wondered if this was too personal to share,  but I don’t believe so.  Shannon needs help –  there is power in prayer and she needs ALL of us praying for her little girl Sadie.

Lord, please heal Sadie,  whatever it is,  just take it away and let her wake and rejoin her family who loves her so much.  Lord, they are praying hard right now,  please hear their prayers,  give them strength in their faith so they can be comforted in your amazing grace.  Amen.


6 responses to “Please Pray For Sadie… Right Now!

  1. Praying for Sadie and her family.

  2. prayers for sadie and her family

  3. Praying for Sadie- and firmly believe in the power of prayer! keep us posted…

  4. I will be praying for little Sadie and her family too.

  5. Let us know when you know something, Patty, in the meantime, prayers are going up for Sadie and her family

  6. Praying Patty!

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