Kym Starts Her Kitchen Cabinets Using Caromal Paprika And Putty

Hey Patty! You were helping me with the Caromal paints sometime ago, and I was hoping to ask for one more piece of advice. I finally started my kitchen project this past weekend. I added some case molding to the cabinet doors to give it some more areas to distress (see photo attached)

Do you happen to have any photos of a project you did where it shows where the “wear” is on the flat panels?? I did a test of the molding, and it’s quite nice. I just don’t know if I should add any distress to those flat panels. I want it to look realistic …

I wish you were in LA. I’d love to hire you for my yucky bathroom. The stone affects you do are A-MAZING! Anyway, off to order more Caromal, and I will definitely use your code so you get the credit.  Thanks!  kym

… So you’re in process of painting yours cabs,  and –  very cool I might add – you added trimwork to the door panels – love that!    Distressing the flat surfaces depends on HOW you lay your first color-

 Did you smoosh it on –  ie) thicker application, where you have some textured areas?  Or did you pretty much brush a smooth enough application on that first color?  

Go back to this post  to see the difference –

If you apply color #1 with texture (ie smooshing) then you’d get more of a distressing on the flats like box number 2 above.   Like this furniture-

Or this

If you brush your first color on pretty even and smoother, then your distressing on the flats will be more like box #1 above,  or like this

Hope this helps!

You’re so thorough! Thanks so much, Patty!   I did not “smoosh” because I didn’t want to the rough texture, and I didn’t end up using the chipping cream. I used Paprika as the base and Putty as the top color. As you can see, the original color was a pickled white, so I’m picking up some of that along with sanding it down to the wood-


I’m not a 100% sure about the cabinet frames yet- I can’t decide if I should keep them less distressed than the doors. The one thing I learned is to watch for weird stopping points with the brush (like in the large, close-up photo above).

Oh the thoughts and thoughts and plans and plans!

I will send more pictures to you as I go. It’s actually been a really fun job for me to conquer.   You’re the best!   

Wow….. look at the difference, already, that those cabinet doors make –

I can’t wait to see the whole kitchen complete!

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3 responses to “Kym Starts Her Kitchen Cabinets Using Caromal Paprika And Putty

  1. Hi Patty, I was just looking on your site for some ideas for painting my living room furniture. My colours are browns and burgundies, however most of my shelves and coffee tables are black or cedar (and I hate them!!). Looking at you paint sticks I think I really like the putty with the toner – it looks brown but not as dark as the chocolate? Kyms kitchen cabinets seem to be more grayish. Do you know if they have toner on in the photos? What would you recommend for colours? Thanks Danielle

    • Hi Danielle, the putty in Kym’s first photo (with the red cabs next to it) is the color untoned – it is cementy colored- definite gray tone to it. the toner browns up the putty – and the more toner you leave on , the browner you make it ..

      like here, this door (right side ) is putty with toner wiped off , the left edge is with toner dabbed off, then a dry brush lightly pulled through it to remove any dabby marks….

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