Caromal Coloring My New Store, Work In Progress…

Work in progress, to say the least…  but I am further along than I was yesterday, so that’s a good thing.   It’s pretty common now to wake with a startle – usually around 4am – with “to do’s” racing in my head… having a note pad and pen on my nightstand is helping ease that panic a little 🙂

It’s funny, I’ll find myself worrying that I can’t do it all –  I’ll see myself helping/showing store customers how easy the paints are, and then there will be other customers over there that need something…   my mom , who’s been a huge support, e’d me yesterday and said

…  Isn’t your biggest fear: open, and nobody comes, or maybe one person a week? agh!

I smiled when I read it,  replied back,


Let go and let God

This is my journey so far –

Applying the vinyl lettering adhesive so I could silver leaf the signage in my window

I used the Caromal Colours gilding (metal leaf aka bling) products for those letters – such a pretty finish –  something I’ll be able to show and offer at the store

My awesome finisher friend Kathleen came that day and helped me – the extra hands were great

Then I went to work finishing off this old end table so I could use it in the window display

2 layers of CC Textured Basecoat Parchment brushed on

then time to mouse sand it


brush some Toner on

and wipe it off –

and into the window it goes!


Then I started on the glass table top that the previous lessee left.  Our best friends had an extra base that was a perfect fit…  I used a Caromal Colours Sticky Back Stencil (Cherry Blossoms) to apply an all over pattern on the glass using CC Textured Basecoat Chocolate –

Yes, Virginia, it bonds to glass too!   After the chocolate paint dried I randomly applied sticky size then transferred on a gold hologram foil and a silvery/pewter one –

The foils aren’t part of the Caromal Colours products,  they are one of the extra design ideas that I’ll be able to share with my store traffic –

then the weekend came and we focused on chasing down furniture/paintable items …  these banks of old cabinets were a perfect extension of my window ledge!

awesome storage – might just leave it as is and not even refinish… holds a lot –

I needed a chair, this baby is solid!

Love this dresser –

I painted the two opposite walls brown…  left the front entrance wall alone, that needs a cool finish –

and left the back wall unpainted – these walls are getting knocked down, hopefully in next couple days

Over the weekend we found some great furniture finds – I have enough to keep me busy that s for sure!

Yesterday I started this dresser using CC Textured Basecoat Peppercorn

and my finisher pal Kathleen started this table in CC Textured Basecoat Candy Apple –

she called and asked if I needed help – how cool was that?  !  Thanks Kath!  Here she’s finishing layer 1 which took about 2 hours…

my first layer took about 2 hours as well, the second  layer 1 hour…

I got out the Caromal Colours Sticky Size again thought it would fun to gold leaf the hardware – (it dries clear and tacky)

that took some extra time  but I knew it would be an added treat … the leaf, untoned, is very bright –

A mouse sanding to distress the finish, then time to brush on the Toner

and wipe off…

this is HANDS DOWN , why I love the Textured Basecoats –   I started this piece yesterday –  painted first coat, let dry an hour or so, painted second coat, let dry,  gilded the hardware,  sanded, brushed on Toner and wiped off –  ALL in the SAME chunk of evening.    These paints love me, I think – if they could talk I think they’d say

  BRING IT ON, we can take it!

and the peanut gallery roars!

I might as well take you through today , since this is beyond long already – I embedded a stencil on the bottom shelf using CC Peppercorn –


then when it dried I brushed on CC Chipping Creme

when that dried I painted one more coat of Candy Apple

I also took down the whole window display so I could add a textural plaster finish to the surrounding walls – first I rolled on a brown tinted textural plaster, then troweled  over it with a mix of metallic and matte plasters

while the window display was ripped up, I decided to tackle the bank of cabinets that are part of it  i based the main cabinets in Textured Basecoat Chocolate, and created a plan to have each door be a different finish… here I’m starting to basecoat each door panel

I added some Peppercorn accents to the table, then sanded and brushed on the Toner (and wiped it off)

and another one done!

Wall finish is done,  display put back together …

The bank of cabinets are drying – tomorrow I’ll sand to distress then finish those up as well.

They are in the process of putting my first order together  I’m quite excited to see all that stock roll in…    less than two weeks to go  🙂

I need something decorated outside – like a finished bench…. ooooh,,  maybe in Bayberry!


22 responses to “Caromal Coloring My New Store, Work In Progress…

  1. Oh goodness… I wish you lived near me. You do such awesome work. I have kitchen cabinets screaming your name out 🙂 I hope you enjoy your store.. I think it is going to be great.

    • I’m sure Patty could pass a decorative painters name on to you, we have a large network of faux friends. You just have to figure out what colors you want and order from Patty!

      Have a colorful day,


    • thanks for the kind words Joy 🙂 I’m not lying when I say you CAN get a nice look yourself with these paints – but for those not interested in DIY, I have a great network – throughout the US – like Jen said – of great finishers – that can help you!

  2. I wish I lived close enough to help out!!!! Everything looks great!!!! Take care of yourself. I don’t see any Aurastone yet?
    Have a colorful day,

    • lol – Jen – you are observant! I was thinking that red table will look awesome with a black aurastone top on it – i’m dragging samples to the shop today but wont do any until i can get the must do stuff done…. bad enough paint flying everywhere, let alone dripping poxy 🙂

  3. Oh my gost everything you are doing is so lovely can’t wait for the finished results.

  4. Oh my Goodness, I got tired just reading about everything you’ve done!
    It’s lookin good!

  5. Bravo for you, Patty! I wish you all the best as you follow your dreams!

  6. Looks Great Patty cant wait to stop by and see the final finish!!!

    • YOU – have been such an inspiration as well, Theresa. I owe you a return phone call – our last call was cut short with my phone battery – I can’t wait to chat with you again – I have found that surrounding myself with positive people – and honestly, the positive people always seem to be those that have a strong faith – has really helped me walk this present journey…. thank you, again!

  7. Looking good Patty! Wishing you all the best.:)

  8. Hey Patty,

    I am enjoying every single second of watching your new store come together. This is a tough economy to be starting a new business, but your store is exactly what people should be looking for now. I don’t want to buy NEW cabinets if I can “reclaim” mine. I’ve got a couple of projects brewing on the back burner right now and you will be the first resource I turn to when we get started.

    By the way, what you did with that glass table top was nothing short of artistic genius. Who would have even thought of that??? It’s beautiful. Your store is such a pleasure to ‘window shop’ in. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Every blessing to you and your family,

    • thank you so kindly, Jordan! I really don’t want to see that table go, but I’ve already had a few inquires on it – my plan is to keep my eyes peeled for other glass pieces, as the stenciling idea is quite pretty on it 🙂

  9. I saw your store last week when I went to get dance tights next door. I can hardly wait for open. I’ve been dreaming about doing my kitchen and I think you have the eight product and advice. Love the progress you are making inside your store. When do you open?

    • I can hardly wait, either – especially when I hear your reaction!!! I posted a sign on the door – the grand opening is Thursday Sept 1st – I have hours posted for Thurs Fri and SAt…. hope to see you soon!

  10. Mariann Salvador


    Your creative ability is such an inspiration! I always look forward to what you are going to do next! I agree with Jordan, that glass table is absolutely genius.

    Wish you all the best in your new endeavor…

    • Thank you Mariann – sometimes I feel like its a hinderance, a mind that doesn’t “shut up” – but I’ll say this – in times like these where I need to get things done, it comes through for me!

    • Thank you Mariann – sometimes I feel like its a hindrance, a mind that doesn’t “shut up” – but I’ll say this – in times like these where I need to get things done, it comes through for me!

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