Blanche Reclaims Her Cabinet With Caromal Colours Sage Paint…

Blanche writes,

Here’s the picture of my Cabinet. As you can tell the stool has been painted but not glazed yet. Be aware that both of them were initally dark dark walnut stain.  2 coats of paint.  Note the bottom left leg of the cabinet this is where when I painted 2nd coat too quickly this raised the 1st coat off but because I was not too concerned I did not correct.   I am very happy the glaze did not overwhelm the cabinet,  it just finished it off to a beautiful more intense shade. Further more you can still see the grain in the back of the shelf part. Hope you like.

Thanks, will be doing some other pieces soon.

Blanche | July 27, 2011 at 6:55 AM | Reply | Edit

Patty your email answers to my questions were great. Yes I found out the hard way not to go by “feel “dry,  you must wait at least 2-4 hours to put a second coat of Reclaim…   All I do now is think about what else to paint. Easiest paint job ever.

Oh by the way I looked at the website of Christian Street Furniture and I have to say my cabinet I did in Reclaim Sage w/ Reclaim Antiquing Glaze is just as beautiful.   Thanks Blanche


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