My Funky Wall Of Caromal Coloured Cabinets…

We got these 2 banks of old garage cabinets at a yard sale for $25

as you can see, they fit perfectly here

I fretted about even paying the $25, but am so glad my hubster over rode…. it made a perfect window display ledge extension, and it made even better product storage!  Behind each door is 2 shelves and each shelve will hold 9 quarts of paint!   Whoo hooo!!

So, how to finish off?  Well… I figured I’d keep the window display color theme going – blues and browns and neutrals…..  I painted the whole thing using Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats – the base I painted Chocolate-

then planned out the rest – like door#1  light blue with stencil,   door #2 chocolate over putty,  #3 wisteria….    and got to painting

Dried, sanded to distressed, toned….  my heart wasnt  beating at my ‘creation’…. yes, it showed 7 different ways to use these paints, but it wasn’t COOL enough to warrant front-window-display-wall…   what to do?


Door 1 – Parchment mixed with a little bit of Colonial Blue ,  I stenciled in a Modern Masters Metal  gold paint – paints that actually have metals in them, and when sprayed with their activating/oxidizing solutions fast tracks the patina – so it drips the blue and green patina….

Door 2 – Chocolate over Putty  barnworn finish basecoat.  I stenciled using Modern Masters Warm Silver Metallic Paint (I need to get some of their metallics on display, eh?)  and of course, it wasnt complete without gluing on a few Swarovski flatback crystals!  My punky monkey –

Door 3 -Wisteria basecoat,  one stencil is done in Reclaim Latte, the other is Silver Leafed over Reclaim Latte

Door 4 –  one coat dragged colors wet on wet – Putty, custom blue, Parchment and a little Chocolate,  stencil in brown texture left over from wall finish-

Door 5 –  Parchment over Colonial Blue Basecoat with embedded stencil in between using Wisteria –

Door 6 –  Original

Door 7 – custom darker blue base using Colonial Blue and some Peppercorn OVER chocolate barnworn finish –   stencil is done using Modern Masters Metallic Paint Smoke

Door 8 – Tried and true Parchment basecoat , Caromal allover stencil done using Toner

Way better!

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoats,  head here   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors


When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA). ( This code is needed in order for me to receive credit as well –   if you forget to use it I lose, so please use it!)

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


coming September 1st –

Fabulous Finishes Retail Showroom

49972 Van Dyke Rd

Shelby Township, Mi 48317


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