A Fabulous Caromal Colour Grand Opening…

  EDIT!!!!!!!   WRONG ADDRESS!   ITS 49972 vAN dYKE   not  44972.   Im so sorry!  


5 responses to “A Fabulous Caromal Colour Grand Opening…

  1. Hi Patty,

    I’m so excited for you. I’m watching in anticipation, to see how it goes for you. I’ve been reading your posts, the shop looks great. Love the cabinets you finished for the window. The stencils did add that extra pizazz.

    I am praying for a successful open house and a prosperous year for you.

    Best Wishees,

  2. Looking forward to seeing your final touch. Im sure it will be amazing, as you do amazing work and really put your heart into your work.

  3. I am realizing such a great support network around me – thank you both for cheering me on 🙂

  4. Ok… I’m more of a beer and paint girl, but… why wine?

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