Finding It’s Never Easy, In My Quest To Open a Retail Store…

When you want things to happen yesterday, you usually get the opposite –

Example – changing out a battery for an exit light should make it work, right? Nope.   Or,  changing fluorescent light bulbs in the ceiling fixtures should no brainer right?  Wrong…

Contractor decides to up and take a couple of day jaunt to Myrtle Beach for golfing –  now he can’t make it home because of the weather….. N I C E. (not)

I got these done – the 12 Textured Basecoat color samples and the 6 Reclaim samples

Now I just need my contractor to mount brackets so they can go where they’re supposed to….

Worked on more furniture   turned this little secretary

into a lovely little silver piece

did that to this mirror too

Took this grand daddy

and Caromal’d it into this

dig my HObby Lobby hardware?

Had fun with this one,  the color scheme came from another cool dark blue knob

I tinted the Parchment Textured Basecoat to that pretty shade of blue…

Hopefully seeing these painted pieces will make you want to get your hands dirty – the Caromal Colours line of paints make it easy enough for all of you to do pieces like these –  these and end less more…

oh, and – these pieces aren’t even topcoated yet –  no waxes, no polys – and they are lovely in their matte form…  and durable!   No easily scratching off the paint on these…

How about this Copper Leaf table?

Back today… trying to figure get all the details ironed out so we CAN open on Thursday… my contractor better plan on working 48 hours straight!   My job?  Getting more display samples started – showing before/after on old light fixtures and hardware  and I need to start creating my inventory database.  Stock should arrive Tuesday… then again, the way things have been going – maybe stock wont arrive either!

Countdown – 5  days to grand opening!

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoats,  head here   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors


When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA). ( This code is needed in order for me to receive credit as well –   if you forget to use it I lose, so please use it!)

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.



8 responses to “Finding It’s Never Easy, In My Quest To Open a Retail Store…

  1. Wow yet more AMAZING progress! it’s all going so well you must be feeling on top of the world.

    It sounds like you’ve heard from your contractor and that he’s safe. I have family in that area of the country so I’ve been more or less glued to the television for the last 24 hours or so. I’m keeping all the people who are facing this storm in my prayers. I’ll add him in, too.

    As always, the pieces look wonderful! Great job.

  2. Patty all good things are coming your way. Such progress you have made in less than 6wks – YOU are a one woman machine! * with a incredible family * support system. (your painting elves and can I bust this wall out Mom – hah ) I am so proud to say – and will say … I knew her when.. I can’t wait to come and visit, to take your classes – and learn how to use CC/Reclaim paints with your advise and techniques. I told you I am but a crayon holder. You’re the Artist. I love though that when I ask questions of Can I ?- YOU Say – Of course you Can! Your the best of all worlds we learn as we go – yet you know all the tricks and tips – to create a finish product that will not only last forever, but will be a Ooo, I love it, I want it, for ppl to question me – Did you do that? I can say YES I did, all by myself ..with Patty’s help.
    Your the best teacher online, but I can’t wait to be a student with you – hands on. All things are possible 🙂 Re-purposing of furniture is hands down the most unique way to go today. Incredible real wood furniture we all have that we hate, outdated finishes – can be turned into a showcase items with CC/Reclaim + your ideas. I cannot express that enough. It’s a win win. I am excited for you and me 🙂 Hugs K

    • K you’re my biggest cheerleader- I love you for that! it helps me feel that I indeed made the right choice to help others – you are more than welcome to come play at the new store – i cant wait to have a workshop there! I’m working on the list now –

  3. Isn’t it always easier to tell people to be patient than to practice patience yourself?

    You’re on track for something fabulous!

  4. Patty, are you open??? I have a couple of people here at HFH are wanting to know. I tried emailing you pictures but it wouldn’t go through to your email. I did paint my son’s cupboards and wanted to show you:)
    Good luck with the store…things are going to be great!!!!


  5. yes – taking a quick lunch break – today we opened the doors 🙂 saved my first dollar, hopefully this lasts longer than 7 months!

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