The Night Before A New School Year, And AARRRRGGH Dog!

So here we are, another summer gone… a new school season ready, set, go…

It’s been such a chaotic month,  often I feel like I’m not even myself and I don’t like that.   I can’t explain it – I’m not ‘myself’ but it’s because ‘myself’ isn’t defined anymore.   I’m not who I was anymore… I’m kinda in limbo…  like I’m floating and won’t know who I am until we land back on the ground…

But parents do the parent thing –   put a smile on so the kids don’t worry …  and I need that smile,  because I HAVE to believe that there will be something to smile about 🙂

Kids laundry is done – rooms are clean , even clean sheets – what better way to start the school year?   I got the bulk of school supply shopping done on one of my many Office Max getting-the-store-ready runs…   New socks and undies? Check.

When you hear the loud screaming in five minutes?  That will be my kids – the electronics will be yanked – no more xbox, no more Itouch, no phone texting or facebooking –  not during the week.    Hate me now, love me later.  Trust that.

In the mean time, I am so over this darn dog eating Julia’s stuff…

that is part of this

I swear its been almost every day this last month… not a coincidence that Mark and I have been gone so much, trying to get the store ready – the kids are obviously not giving her enough attention/exercise….

Lovely brush collection there Julia

and the eating of the flip-flops!  No  lie, shes trashed a good 6 pair so far-

Two others that have no match becuause she ate those too… that grey one up top?  Made her get that at the dollar store.. and the purple one too…

Thing is, she’s putting them away in her cubby, but the dog is going in there and helping herself to Julia-scent.

Oh, and look,  Mr. piggy is just fine

maybe they need to make the flip-flops outta that piggy material…

There El Mucho Destructor sits,   locked out of a bedroom because they don’t want her running off with something –

Bella,  when will you grow out of this chewing thing?  I guess I should be thankful it isnt BIG stuff like furniture or walls…

For all the young adults, and children and little kiddies heading back to school this year –

A Back to School Prayer
by Tonya Nash

Lord, I pray that you be with every child that is returning back to school this year. Protect them as they wait at the bus stop, ride the bus, travel by car, or walk to school. Keep them safe from dangers seen and unseen. Help our school crossing guards and bus drivers to remain attentive on their jobs.

Give our children favor with their teachers and help them to pay attention in class. Let this be their best year yet for academics, sports, and fine arts.

Be with our children’s teachers this year. Help them to teach in ways that each student can understand. Let them have reasonable expectations of our children and give them patience whenever their patience meter is running low. Bless the teachers with administrative support whenever needed.

Help our children to stand against peer pressure. Empower them to make decisions that will be pleasing in your sight. Surround them with good friends that are positive influences. Keep drugs and alcohol out of their reach. Help our children to keep their hormones in check, avoiding sex before marriage. Protect our children from bullies and those that mean them harm. Help them to work out their problems instead of fighting with each other.

And finally Lord, help us as parents to be even more supportive of our children this year. Strengthen our discernment. Let us know when something is going on with our children. Help us to keep them on track with their homework and study time. Help us to remember all of the subjects that we took many years ago so that we can be effective in helping our children complete their homework. Provide for us financially so that we can allow our children to go on field trips, buy school yearbooks and pictures, have appropriate clothing for the seasons, school supplies, or whatever else our children need to enhance their educational experience. Give us favor on our jobs so that we may be able to attend activities that our children may have during the work day. Remind us of the need to pray daily for our children.

In Jesus’s Name,


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