What Else Can I Paint?

I think it’s becoming a sickness,  we can’t be in the store without painting something (beyond cabinets and furniture)  –

Cool wood flooring that I got out of the work dumpster – used Caromal Reclaim paint to lay that pretty stencil

Glass on a cabinet door – love the Caromal Textured basecoats on glass – adds a pretty dimension and doesn’t drip…

Found the perfect place to display those dry brushed trim pieces –  originally  a large custom frame from Michaels , clearanced for super cheap, like $5.00 – I cut it into chunks and dry brushed them with every color of Textured Basecoat  – when they dried I light sanded then applied the Toner.  The edge of the trim pieces fits perfectly on the counter ledges –

I even considered painting the TV frame…. (still considering…)

A light fixture Kathy gave me…. painted 1/2 of it Wisteria (with Toner). It’s only hung for display, not for real –

I’m going to Texture Basecoat the bathroom floor, but I was waiting for all the inspections to be completed before starting it… maybe a diamond pattern – anything to refresh the gosh awful vinyl that’s in there now…

Tomorrow I’m taking some interior store photos with me in them – hopefully one  will accompany a near future press release.  Time for bed!


10 responses to “What Else Can I Paint?

  1. I LOVE the floor stencil…it’s gorgeous!!

    • i know, me too Melissa – i was saving that one – its called Gabriel’s Gate – its an allover, so i should have/could have continued to fill the whole grid, but why on that little space… its from Wallover Stencils (http://www.wallovers.com/Details.asp?ProdID=36&category=5) and i’ve had my eye on it awhile .. finally splurged (it was $80 bucks) and bought it at the Virginia convention in July… when the kids were jazzing up the ceiling tiles with stencils, they wanted to use that one but i wouldnt let them… 🙂

  2. Is that trash can plastic?? and WHERE can I get that gorgeous stencil on the floor?? LOVE it! I love everything you have done — congratulations on your new ‘baby’!

    and … on the trash can …. could that be a base coat that I could paint an acrylic design over? (I paint dog houses, and this could be a great food container)

    brenda – from brendastarstudios.com

    • i have the link to the stencil above – Kathy Carol sells the wallover stencils too – Wallover has such lovely allover designs – the trash can is plastic, and the girls painted that with MM Silver paint – no base (they should have used Reclaim first, then we’d have been safe) so who knows how long that silver will last on that can?

  3. I am in absolute awe of all you’ve done. But realy can you paint the the bathroom floor and what would you coat it with?

    • sure can paint the floor – you can paint tile too – there are other products that do all this already, just more steps involved… i actually gave the first rolled coat this morning – using the textured basecoats because i want to do more OVER the painted base and the Reclaim would force me to wait days for it to dry/cure and I dont have that time…. i’ll topcoat it with a good full strength poly – (not a wipe on) i’ll post pics soon

      • Oh Patty…you are just what I’ve been looking for!! Well, you and Caromal Colours!! There’s so much I want/NEED to do in my home but not only can I not afford all new cabinets throughout, I don’t want to make that committment either. I’m very interested in what you are doing with the floor. I would love to be able to paint and seal a tile floor but it’s a bathroom so I need advice/suggestions as far as heavy traffic on the floor when doing this. Can’t wait to hear your answers and/or see your work. You’re fabulous!!
        Thank you.

  4. Oops…just wanted to check the notify me boxes so I can find out the answers!!
    Thanks again.

    • Morning Candi,

      I just realized you are the same delightful woman I spoke to the other evening, about your fireplace surround tile as well. I will get a rolled sample in both paint line’s offwhite’s (with toner) to you so you can see which one works better, In the mean time, I did post the laminate floor photos from the store – you can check that post out.

      Regarding tile in the bathroom – and the tile surround of your fireplace –

      this is straight from the owner/creator of Caromal Colours (Carol) –
      “…our neice and nephew actually did their tile in their shower over a year ago with reclaim and sealed it with a waterproof sealer…..it is holding up fine for them. i harped on them to seal it really really well and caulk at the bottom…..the only way it will fail is if water gets under the product as you can imagine….”

      water wont be an issue around your fireplace, but in the bathroom, it will be VITAL that you start with a clean dry surface. You dont want any mold or funky stuff growing on your grout, or dust/hair balls lodged in the corners – when you job is complete you will wan to seal it with a waterproof sealer like she suggested, and caulk where you need it (next to tub, around base of toilet)

      and by all means, take photos and send them over!!! have fun, patty

  5. Oh Patty, speaking to you was all my pleasure!! Not to rush you, but I’m so excited to get the sample. I’m definitely doing this, just not sure which color. And I’m totally convinced and ready to do the bathroom floor as well. I have one of “those” husbands though so I’ll have to do this in baby steps. I think once he sees how wonderful, and most importantly, how cheap the fireplace surround can be done, he’ll be convinced as well. And hey, it’s not expensive so if he doesn’t like it, then we’ll replace it later. I will definitely be sending in before and after pictures as soon as we can get this finished. In the meantime, I look forward to reading your blog and any other ideas, tips and/or tricks you may suggest!
    Thank you so much!!

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