Suzy Wants To Paint An Accent Cabinet And Walls But…

but isn’t sure what route to go color-wise.  They installed new granite and subway tile

and you can see her accent cabinet, added on the end

Regarding the wall color,

…I tried gold, but it seemed to clash. I have tried brown and beige and don’t like them either. The walls that you added a glaze over look great, but I need help with choosing a color. Our granite is very busy, so I know I can’t go too wild with the walls. If you could give me advice I would love to order some products…

I thought the black would be a nice choice for that accent cabinet, and I pointed out that other accent shelf area to left of sink, and told her I’d consider doing that black as well – nice way to tie the space together..

Regarding the wall color,  glazing is a really nice option, its so easy to do with the Caromal Colour glazes (Coffee glaze or Tea Glaze) – you roll it on and wipe it off – it will leave a soft glow on your paint color and will help hide finger prints, flaws etc…   It’s hard for me to do color for you from afar –  you mentioned that you like reds and golds and turquoises –  I could see either red or  a  lighter wheat-gold color, both softened by the Caromal Coffee Glaze.   When I decide on wall colors I paint on posterboard type samples, brush on a glaze over top and wipe it off to soften, then prop it around your kitchen.    Here is a summary of how to use the Caromal Glazes .

Here is a red, softened by a glaze, next to your similar color cabinets-

Suzy also asked about closet doors that her husband wants to paint the same color as the accent cabinets

if you went black, this picture reminded me of having black doors off to left, and a black accent cabinet across from it

Painting the closet, again, that would be personal choice.  I love black doors..

The black you’d want to use is the Caromal Colours Reclaim black – its called Licorice and once you try it you will be painting EVERYTHING black , it covers like tar.  It has a built in sealer so you wouldn’t even have to topcoat it.

If you’re interested in getting the Reclaim or the Caromal glazes, let me know –  I can send you both.

To read more about the Reclaim line of paints, head here.


Are you ready to order RECLAIM? 

Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – custom wood sample color swatches,  and perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats – a great way to experiment with color combinations!

When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping.


In the Metro Detroit ARea?   Stop in,  our store is now open!   49972 Van Dyke,  shelby township  48317 (between 22 and 23 mile roads)

Hope this helps!

2 responses to “Suzy Wants To Paint An Accent Cabinet And Walls But…

  1. Hi Patty,

    I have a friend with a black fridge that clashes with her white and yellow kitchen. I know you have painted a white fridge black; but do you think that she can go the other way? Which product do you suggest?


    • Hi Beth,

      thats the FIRST i’ve been asked that! sure, you can go the reverse, but I can imagine it will take more coats – at least 3. boy, you can use both – i did the freezer in the textured basecoat – but i’ve done the formica counter in both – they both will cover, both will take multiple coats – reclaim might actually be easier because you dont have to lightly sand it – however, the TB’s will give a thicker more umph coat – aaggh, I like them both 🙂

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