A Long Week Goes By… Life Continues

My blog reminds me that my life is changing….  I arrive and realize it’s been a week since I last posted – that never would have happened a year ago.

Blogging has been an outlet for me, damn that I’m not able to make extra time for it…

I am humble under God’s powerful hand so He will lift me up when the right time comes.  I give all my worries to Him, because He cares about me.

1st Peter 5:6-7

Trying to find my place, in my  own life…   trying NOT to let worry and fear creep my mind, because I am fully aware that is the evil that walks this earth.

The Lord will perfect all that concerns me.

Psalm  138:8

This should have been a Sunday post, right?  Yesterday I met up with someone to discuss marketing and found him to be a fellow Christian walking the faith – he gave me a copy of scriptures that he keeps on him – 3 pages full – and my intent is to speak these out whenever I can.

Last week I completed a commission for a wonderful client – I miss her already.  I’ll have to go back and get some completed photos when her new furnishings arrive but here are a few

The walls all received a soft custom mix of silver paints

The Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen started custom silver but I added an additional finish using Gold and Silver Palette Art and some Dark Brown glaze –

We had a weekend loaded with soccer

Jules team made it to State Cup quarterfinals so we had to drive mid-state to play Saturday, which they won, then back Sunday for the semifinal which they just lost 2-1…  loved this picture of her in action-

As much as we enjoy the sport, it can really suck up a weekend.

This week  I’m back at the store. I have a cabinet job I’m glazing in store, and a job on the west side of town all day Friday.  I found some time yesterday to dabble around the store –  I continued an Off-White Reclaim dresser that has been  ‘in process’

found a mirror I’d stored in it and refinished that using the Texture Basecoats-

and gilded some twigs I found in the parking lot field…  need those to dress up the sparkly skeleton that my mom brought me for the store decor-

I’ll post specifics in separate posts.

Yesterday we had an inspector at the house for 3 hours – I guess inspecting and confirming that, yup, the potential buyers look to be getting one hell of a deal on this dastard house.   The bank approved the short sale –  but refused to release us of the remaining debt obligation ,  not unless we wanted to toss in a boat load of cash, that we don’t have.   Serious?   Can you tell I’m not warm and fuzzy about it all?  I need to go brush my teeth to remove the bad taste.    I need to remind myself,


that God is in control

It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.

Psalm 18;32


2 responses to “A Long Week Goes By… Life Continues

  1. Dear Patty, I wish you all the best and sending you positive thoughts. I’m sorry to hear about your house situation. Remember that He, God has no doubt and will guide you through. Sincerely, Victoria D.

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