He Broke My Chalk Paint Charger!

Well fancy that.   Today the hubster was helping me at the store as I glazed cabinet doors for a client…

He was trying to hook up a ‘blow-dryer-holder’ so that we could blow some drying heat on a few doors…

when BAMN, a loud noise…

my chalk board charger flipped to the floor and broke!

Of course that wasn’t gonna fly…   I have more plastic chargers you know – this one is a cool metallic brown.  The Caromal Colour paints stick to almost anything, and plastic chargers are one…  I pulled out the Bayberry green – I love it toned, and thought it would look ‘Autumn’ ish on the brown tray so I started to paint on 2 coats

I realized I might have decided on the wrong color – I love the Bayberry when it is Toned,  when it is un-toned it reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  When I use Textured Basecoat paints as chalkboard paint I don’t TONER the paint, I just lightly sand it and its good to go.   Hmm, I don’t want to leave it mint…

I’m going to experiment and TONER it , then when it dries I’ll try to use it as a chalkboard.  I’ll let you know how it works …


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