Lara’s Caromal Colour Project In Pumpkin And Peppercorn ~ Seasonally Delicious~

Hi, Patty.  I finally get two minutes to myself to get these pics sent to you.  I used peppercorn over pumpkin – both thinned with water and applied smoothly- with a layer of chipping creme between and pretty heavy toner.  Also, I did two layers of wipe-on poly.  

I practiced on the nightstand   (you can see how beaten up it was on the surface, but was solidly built with dovetail joinery  –  It is HEAVY!)   and then tackled the table and chairs.  It was fun, but got really tedious by the end (I was seeing those chairs when I closed my eyes at night!)  🙂 The chairs were originally a blond pine color –   the shot of them outside is after the coats of pumpkin.

Feel free to post these… thanks again for all the advice and I hope to do more of these types of projects in the future.


(pretty beat up but the paints will give it new life)

How sweet is this!  That looks like years of worn paint – what a cool rustic finish –

I LOVE this photo of the demo-

Pumpkin layer drying-

You can SEE why she was having chair nightmares toward the end – this wasn’t a small feat, but  WAIT till you see the outcome!

Pumpkin is on and dry,  chipping creme is on and dry,  now the Peppercorn

Oooh, do you see it starting to come together?


Sweet victory dance –

Love It!  Love It!  Love It! Love It!  Love It!  Love It!

No way would you have thought that was the before set – go look!

Thank you, Lara, for sending these photos, and letting me share them here -I hope your project can inspire others to try their hand at some Caromal painting!

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoat Parchment and Caromal Colours Toner ,  head here   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers


Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – custom wood sample color swatches,  and perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats – a great way to experiment with color combinations!

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4 responses to “Lara’s Caromal Colour Project In Pumpkin And Peppercorn ~ Seasonally Delicious~

  1. Great project, great photos! congratulations on a super new dining set!! but, please ….. what is chipping cream??

    • Hi Brenda,

      the chipping creme is used between 2 layers of color when you’re planning on distressing the finish and seeing the 2nd color below the first:

      Chipping Creme is a product designed to work between separate layers of Textured Basecoat, like peanut butter between two slices of bread. This material creates a poor bonding layer between your Textured Basecoats, allowing you to remove the upper layer of Textured Basecoat in decorative patches, exposing the first or background color layer. The result is a chipped or worn-off “old world” paint finish look. Chipping Creme can be brushed or rolled on your surface.

      Great for around hinges, door pulls, table legs….

  2. Hi Patty,

    I have a few questions. I started a project where paprika was my basecoat, I applied chipping cream, and then applied peppercorn. I did the mush technique and it came out very textured.. Which is fine, but I was just expecting more of a smoother finish like the samples showed. Is it because I mushed too thick or that I should have used something other than a brush? Also, after the peppercorn dried and I started chipping and distressing and anywhere I touched would show gray marks. For example, if I swiped my finger across the surface it would leave a slight chalky gray streak. Should I have used a toner? Would that change the color much? The look I was going for is exactly like this woman’s kitchen table she did. Please let me know what I should do.


    • if you mush and stipple the first color then your distressing pattern will be heavier and more primitive if you want the final finish smoother than the colors need to go on in a brushed method – I include an instruction sheet with the paints for my customers – it gives a basic how to with both methods, as well, it explains that after you sand your finish WILL powder out – gets chalky and dull looking, but the toner OR a topcoat will bring it back to life. I love the toner, i use it over pretty much everything! in your case I’d toner it, which will richen up the paprika, then i’d give it a topcoat.

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