Fabulous Finishes Now Offering Open Studio Paint Time…


49972 Van Dyke Rd,   Shelby Twp Mi 48317 

(across from Packard Grill)


Beginning Sat. Oct 15th

Open  Studio  Paint  Time

Days:  Every   Tuesday,   Thursday,   Sat

Open Paint by the Hour :  11 am – 3 pm

Cost:  $10 per hour

You  provide:   what you want to paint – bring in a few cabinet doors from your project, a smaller furniture piece (that you can carry in –nothing gigantic ) , a sack of old hardware, a light fixture,  a lamp, a  decorative accessory

We provide:   Workroom ,  aprons,  brushes,  rollers,  blowdryers, rags, mouse sanders, beverages, and most importantly –  and our expertise to guide you if you need the help or direction.   PAINT NOT INCLUDED.

For Purchase: 

                                           Textured Basecoat Paint (quart)  $32.50

                                            Reclaim Paint (quart)  $44.95  

                                            Toning Glaze   (16 oz)   $18.50

                                            Chipping Crème (16 oz) $18.50

                                           Sheet sand paper    $1.00

                                           Mouse sand paper  $1.00

                                           Use of in-stock stencils   $5-15  (varies per size)

How  Much  Will  Our  Awesome  Paint   Cover?

A quart of Textured Basecoat will cover approximately  35-50 sf depending on application . 

Average Dining room chair = 5 sq. ft.

Average Dining Room Set (6 chairs) = 70 sq. ft.

Average Head Board and Foot Board = 30 sq. ft.

Average Large Hutch =  50 sq. ft.

With 1 quart of RECLAIM you can paint…

9 Doors/drawers and their surrounding cabinet areas (excluding large flat surface areas)

1 Average Double or Queen-sized bed

1 Twin-sized bed and a small night table

1 Single to Double dresser

 Single or Double Vanity and a mirror frame

 1 Moderate desk and chair

 1 Moderate book case

1 Small end table and a coffee table

3-4 Chairs with seats, 6 average chair frames with upholstery removed

 1 Dining room table


10 responses to “Fabulous Finishes Now Offering Open Studio Paint Time…

  1. Hi Patty hope everything going well looks like you have some great ideas to draw business into your new store.I am thinking of remodelling my kitchen with new back splash and redo cupards and draws.I going to send a pic this weekend hope u can give me a few ideas and i will order all paint from u. Thanks Ken.

  2. I want you to come to St. Louis !! Wish I lived closer to you…you would get tired of seeing me ! LOL yOU rOCK !

  3. Trying to find out how much a gallon of Reclaim will cover and should we plan to do 2 coats? We are looking at the beige and we have 278 square feet of cabinets/drawers.


    • hey Barry,

      got a door/drawer count? 1 quart of Reclaim will cover approx 9 Doors/drawers and their surrounding cabinet areas (excluding large flat surface areas). (thats 2 coats and both sides of doors). So figure about 36 doors surrounding area per gallon. The Black covers amazing and will go alot further than that – the Bright White can cover on leaner side if you’re going over darker wood – they state that one takes 3 coats to cover. i have the gallons available to ship- call me on the 800 number if you want to order 888-819-1490.

      • Wow that sounds pretty random, Patty. There are big, small, and medium doors. There are big sides of cabinets that are exposed and need to be painted. Is the state-of-the-art really door/drawer count?

        Does it state the square foot coverage on the can? I can’t find it on the website.

        We’ll probably do the sage color so I’m guessing coverage will be 1 or 2 coats.

  4. Sorry, Barry – thats partially my fault -I still prefer counting doors and figuring an average that way – not a fan of measuring out SF…. it actually works pretty good – except like I said on specific colors, some cover really well with less use, and reverse.

    when I eyeball and estimate a kitchen i count a door like a 16×24 average – if i have small doors over oven etc, i combine the size with other likes until I can count it as ‘1 average size’ , and when i hit big mambo surfaces I might count that as 1 1/2 doors….

    If you prefer SF estimate –

    50sf / quart of Reclaim

    35-50sf/quart of Tex Basecoats

    let me check the can – yes, the can DOES have it listed – says coverage approx 300-400sf but im certain thats on 1 coat.

  5. Excellent! Thanks, Patty. That’s what I figured as most paints are 350 sq. ft/gallon. OK! We’ll call and order 2 gallons of the sage very soon.

  6. She is looking at the papricka base coat thinks she wants to do trim and the bottom of the kitchen walls and trim.Hope she makes up her mind soon so i can get on with it .Thanks Patty.Keep u up dated.

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