Comparing Caromal Colours Reclaim And Texture Basecoat…

This will be mostly photos, as I want to show the FINISH difference between the two lines of Caromal paints – Textured Basecoat and Reclaim-

We’ll compare Texture Basecoat Antique Parchment with Reclaim Off White – both a creamy color.

Here is the finished TB AP , with Toner, on the left, and Reclaim Offwhite, Glazed, on the right –

Let’s begin a new door sample –

Dipping into the Textured Basecoat (TB) –

Brushing out the Texture Basecoat Antique Parchment using a chipping brush –

after 1 coat brushed –

Now the Reclaim-

Using chip brush to brush the Reclaim into the cracks/crevices-

then a textured (whiz) roller to paint the flat surfaces

First coat complete.  Reclaim on left, Textured Basecoat on right

the Reclaim is a thinner paint , the TB thicker – the TB will do a better job hiding grain

Second coat of TB Antique Parchment –  I like to scrub and ‘push’ it into the grooves from coat one-  a little water on your brush tips help keep the TB gliding smooth and easy –

See? Scrub scrub,  then I’ll brush up and down to smooth it all out…

Now a second coat of Reclaim Offwhite –

After second coat, Reclaim on left , Textured Basecoat on right

The Textured Basecoat likes a light sanding w/a 220 grit when its dry – you dont HAVE to sand it – but I prefer the feel of the finish after it’s sanded.

If you want to sand quick, use a mouse sander.  If you want to distress your edges use an 80-120 grit – the mouse sander, angled, works great for distressing too

You can sand the edges of the Reclaim to distress – the rest of the finish does not need to be sanded .  Reclaim on left,  TB on right –

Some Reclaim Antiquing Glaze – brush on and wipe off.    Remember though – if you plan on GLAZING you RECLAIM finish you need to wait a good 3-5 days to get the paint finish cure –

otherwise you’ll gummy up the paint and turn it back to wet, which is what started to happen here –

Reclaim Antiquing Glaze brushed on Reclaim Offwhite-

then wipe off with dry rag.  This sample got a little splochy because I tried to glaze in the same demo, instead of waiting 3-5 days…   but you get the idea –

Now using same Reclaim Antiquing Glaze on the Textured Basecoat Parchment-

Brush on

and wipe off with dry rag.   You don’t have to wait 3-5 days to apply a glaze to a Textured Basecoat finish –

Glazed Reclaim on left, Glazed Textured Basecoat on right –

Using the same glaze (Reclaim Antiquing Glaze)  on both paints gives you a really good visual of how close the two base colors are –

the difference is in the finish itself – the Reclaim is thinner, shrinks down to more even looking  and dries with more sheen. The Textured basecoat is a little thicker,  and dries to a more matte finish

Reclaim on left, Textured Basecoat on right –  both a LOVELY long lasting alternative to a honey oak cabinet

To read more about the Reclaim line of paints, head here.

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors

  If you live in the Metro Detroit area, come visit Caromal Colours ONLY Retail Store!  Fabulous Finishes, 49972 Van Dyke, Shelby Twp 48317


Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats – a great way to experiment with color combinations!


5 responses to “Comparing Caromal Colours Reclaim And Texture Basecoat…

  1. Perfect timing for me, Patty. Thanks a bunch.

  2. So when painting cabinets, it’s okay if some base shows through? I was worried two coats wasn’t enough. But I’m guessing after using glaze, it just adds to the antiquing?

    • Hi Malena,

      Sure, you can have some of the base still showing through, or you can paint another layer or paint over those ‘lighter’ areas until you get full coverage – thats the beauty, its totally up to you. Definitely if you dont do a solid coverage of paint, and then sand back and glaze, you will achieve a more aged antiqued look. When I use any of the colors, I might see some base coming through as I apply layer 1 – I could leave it that way, or apply 1 more for solid. When I use the white or offwhite over a darker base my first coat is always uneven, and the second coat if I apply on the thinner side, can also leave some hints of base transferring through. I usually do one last brush over those so that its an even finish.

  3. This is an old post but I want to help someone out with my recent experience as it is still relevant today . . .

    I chose to redo my mother’s kitchen cabinets and table and chairs with Reclaim. It is a decision I would NEVER make again as someone wanting to use glaze. I heartily regret not going with the Textured Basecoat now let me tell you why . . .

    I am one for copious amounts of research so I can’t believe I overlooked the 3-5 days thing or maybe I didn’t overlook it – I just didn’t properly plan for the reality of it.

    So, I painted the cabinets, the tables and chairs then had to wait the 5 days to glaze and now I’m having to wait an additional 5 days to topcoat all the while panicking about an accidental bump or scrape . . . That’s @ least 10+ days with cabinets off and having to worry about not getting the cabinets and tables and chair wet or have something bump into them because while Reclaim does have a sealer built in I don’t feel confident in it. I had a wooden candle holder fall less than a foot onto a drawer front and it but a gash in the drawer – had I been using the textured based coat I could’ve easily repainted it, glazed it and then coated it the next day – now because of the Reclaim I have to repaint the drawer, wait 5 days, glaze it, wait 5 days then topcoat. I had a similar issue with a chair developing gashes – when something like that happens you’re talking about 20+ days in total for some pieces if you encounter an issue and have to redo the piece.

    Now I want to stress that my mother’s home is very small so having to stress about the kitchen table is an issue as the dining room table was/is needed for prep,painting, etc. as there is nowhere else to really do the work and maybe you have a nice big garage or basement but for many there will still be the issue of the bottom cabinets under the sink – if you want to glaze you’re going to have to keep that area dry for 10+ days. It just isn’t worth the stress and worry.

    Furthermore if your cabinets have any issues Textured Basecoats would be the way to go. When cleaning my mother’s cabinets before painting I had to use a lot of scrubbing and TSP to get some gummy grease build up off so the cabinets were slightly lighter in those areas with less wood stain on them and those differences showed up even after two coats of the Reclaim. Textured Basecoats would be no problem for an issue like that.

    In closing THANK GOD for Patty – nowhere on the HSN site or the CONTAINER of Reclaim does it say anything about having to wait 3-5 days to glaze and/or top coat. I thank God for Patty and her site and instructions she includes with every order because had I just bought the Reclaim from HSN and started painting, glazing and top coating based on the instructions on the container I would’ve been in for a complete and total mess.

    Go with the Textured Basecoats especially if you will be glazing – I wish I had originally.

  4. Thank you Karen, for your feedback, as I feel it is is good for folks to read other’s experiences…. I am really sorry you didnt have the perfect experience…. I am a textured basecoat lover for exactly this reason : I am impatient, don’t have time to put a project aside for days, and I want to get it done and be confident its all good.. the reclaim is excellent paint but it is finicky in the sense that you have to follow the rules – CANT cheat and rush it…. even after, once its dry, I feel like its kid glove until it cures whereas the TB’s you can blow dry and then stomp it!
    Dont get me wrong, the Reclaim is an excellent paint, and rarely do I ever get a callback or complaint – its the easiest paint to use, but if you commit to it then follow the rules and wait the allotted times for glazing, extra topcoating etc.

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