A Chalk Birthday Gift Created From The Heart, Using Caromal Colours Paints…

A good post for me to share today – my best friend/neighbor down the street’s birthday was earlier this week. She is my old friend that I’ve shared a ‘birthday gift giving’ thing with.  I mean,  I’m late 40’s, shes 50ish,  it’s not often something we do later in life ya know?   But somehow it evolved,  and I am grateful.

This  week has reminded me of that movie The Green Mile –  walking a slow walk to doom…    Each day this week,  I walked closer to the dreaded  ‘ Move Day’ …   I cried the morning of her birthday, it brought back many fond memories – not that we won’t still be friends after today  – we’re only  moving a mile away – it’s just different, you get that…

On her birthday I went to the store to work for the day and while there I created a birthday gift for her.   I got out one of my heavier oak cabinet door samples, one that had 2 hinges on the side for extra ‘effect’, and set to working painting it with my Caromal Colour Textured paints.   She loved this piece in my store

so I decided to create a chalkboard with that barnworn finish around the frame, only I used Candy Apple Red under the Mustard instead of the Paprika used on the piece above.  Below you can see both reds,  the Candy Apple is top left and a little brighter than the barn red Paprika below it

I painted the first layer, heavily stippled around the edges, with Candy Apple, and then brushed it smooth as the chalkboard front.   When it dried I brushed the frame with Chipping Creme, then when that dried I brushed on Mustard.  The chalkboard front I have a second coat of Candy Apple.  When the frame dried I sanded it back, and then brushed on the Toner and wiped it off –

I had these decorative nail hooks that I’d bought, unsure where I’d ever use them – they were perfect for this….  strong enough to even hold a set of keys

I love the idea too…. I want to make more and offer them in my store – how many cool combinations I could make….   But mostly, I love that I was able to make something,  just for perfect, for my friend

Thank you,  EVERYONE,   for your support and love and prayers that you have sent my family’s way.  I can honestly say that ALL of it has helped me walk this walk… God has blessed me beyond measure,  with loving family and friends and fine talents –  thank you for holding my hand through the darker times.   Today?  We move onward and upward to dancing in the sunshine!!!

❤  ❤   ❤     Patty


4 responses to “A Chalk Birthday Gift Created From The Heart, Using Caromal Colours Paints…

  1. First let me say that you are in my thoughts on this tough day….

    Secondly, your birthday gift to your friend is so lovely and truly heartfelt. I know she will cherish it.

  2. Hello 🙂 greetings and best wishes with this huge adjustment in your lives.
    I just found your bloggie, your painting is amazing. I would love to learn how to do some of this painting. Alas, I do not live close by, I am in Virginia.

    I believe the days ahead will soon get better for you and your family.

    I would like to learn how to paint my door knobs and hinges, and I did find a page of yours with light fixtures painted. I really like that idea. I would love to learn how to do that.

    Best wishes with making your new home perfect for all of you. There are brighter days ahead! 🙂

  3. What a divine gift for your friend. Special prayers for you and your family as you move forward.

  4. Very Cool Patty! Karen

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