The Caromal Samples Look Great With Her Crema Bordeaux Granite…

Dear Patty,
The samples are SO perfect they look like they have been color-matched to my Crema Bordeaux granite!  Look at the attached picture and you will see.  AMAZING!

I think we’re going to do two different finishes on the cabinets and a solid color on the floating shelves.  Based on the photos and the information regarding extending the cabinets below, can you estimate how much paint and toner I will need?
This picture is our lower cabinets with floating shelves.  We will paint them Peppercorn over Paprika with toner.  Not pictured are two additional base cabinets that are in an “L” shape with these ones.

The floating shelves will be paprika.
This picture is of the other side of the kitchen.

We are going to cut back the soffit and drywall it so that the soffit doesn’t hang over the cabinet tops.  We’ll then run a small piece of molding where the soffit meets the cabinet tops to cover the “seam.”  We’ll trim the soffit with a more substantial crown molding and put doors with knobs on the soffit to make it look like 40″ cabinetry, and then paint the entire thing (soffit and cabinets) the same color to give the illusion of height.  All of this will be Parchment over Paprika w/toner.  I have rubbed bronze hardware to put on- should be great.
How did you get it to look so distressed?  Did you just sand it?  What grit sandpaper did you use?  Should I get the Chipping Creme?  I definitely like that distressed look.

Okey,   so the first picture of cabs is your lowers,  and add 2 more cabinets.    That’s peppercorn over paprika .  Shelves are paprika

1 quart paprika should do the first layer and the shelves

Then chipping crème

1 quart peppercorn will do 2nd layer

Then toner

Then the cabs in the other pic, as well as shorts ‘new’ fronts above them will all be parchment over paprika.

You’ll need 2 quarts paprika I think to do first layer over rest

Then chipping crème

Parchment you’ll need 2 quarts for sure for 2nd layer –  it doesn’t cover as well as the color colors

Then toner

Chipping crème wise,  probably 2-    16 ounce

Toner wise, probably 2  16 ounce

So total,   3 quarts paprika, 1 quart peppercorn  and 2 quarts parchment,   2 chip crèmes and 2 toners.

That would be what I’d try.

For both distressed samples I applied the paprika with the chip brush and brushed it out kindof like normal paint – but then I took the chip brush, dipped it in more paint, and stippled it (bounce it around, touch down, kinda smoosh and drag your brush)  all around.   The top parts of those samples I left smooth so you can SEE the difference in HOW it will distress when you use chipping crème.

After the paprkika dried, I brushed chipping crème over the whole thing.  Then let that dry.  That will go quicker, its more of a slippy goo, and brushes on quick.  Yes, you need it for those samples.   Then when the chipping crème dried I brushed over the WHOLE thing with the top color –  the far left one was peppercorn and the far right was parchment.     Then when that dried I took a palm sander to it – using a 120 grit,  and sanded until I wanted to stop –  the palm brings it up quick – I angled the sander to grind literally down to the wood in some spots (love that here and there) –   you can use regular old sand paper if you want but it will take a little longer –   you can use 80-150 grit – when I sand the single colors, for a quick finish sand I use 220 grit – its like an emery board.    After I sanded I brushed on the toner and wiped it off with a rag.

Good Luck and Happy Painting!

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoat  and Caromal Colours Toner ,  head here   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors


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