Aspen Traditions Condo Cabinets – New, Modern, Black using Reclaim Paint

John and Marty have been in the process of renovating their awesome condo in Breckenridge, Colorado.  I was honored to be able to offer my insight on the Reclaim line of Caromal paint, which they chose to use in their kitchen renovation

The Reclaim cabinet paint ended up exceeding our expectations. It was super easy to apply and looks amazing, we love the black that the licorice color provides. It also seems to very durable after we sealed with polyurethane. A huge than you to Patty Henning who reps for Caromal Colours, her advice and help guided us to a very successful outcome.
We picked out a beautiful leaf glass for the front of some of our cabinets that ties in with our “Aspen Traditions” theme, Commercial Art Glass in Denver has a wide variety of glass in a many styles – it was hard to pick our favorite. They also will help router your cabinet doors and install the new glass fronts.
We had our carpenter install crown molding on the cabinets that we painted to match the cabinets.
Once we get the new hinges, and updated bin pulls on the drawers along with the stainless knobs on the doors, the cabinets should be good as new.
You can read all about their condo renovation at the blogsite  Aspen Traditions.

2 responses to “Aspen Traditions Condo Cabinets – New, Modern, Black using Reclaim Paint

  1. I want to know if the painted surface is smooth or rough? I can’t tell from all of my research. By the way…I LOVE the licorice cabinets!

    • the Reclaim rolled on leaves a pretty smooth finish but does have a slight stipple to it from the low nap roller – kindof like rolling on a wall does. you dont want to use foam, though, as those will leave bubbles. the reclaim licorice is amazing – covers like tar and is a nice dark black…

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