Using Caromal Colours Can Save You A Bunch Of Money – Kitchen Cabinet Redos…

Robin is in the process of ordering wood sample finishes…  she mentioned in her last email

P.S. if any customers would like to “quantify” what they are saving, I contacted a local painter who does Distressing for cabinets and the quote was anywhere from $3200 – $4500 for my project!! (I’m sure totally worth it, because Time is money, but…. that is why do-it-yourself rocks!!!)

I asked her (and will update this when she tells me) how many cabinet doors she had.   As a professional finisher myself,  when I give an estimate on a kitchen I start with a ballpark $50- 60 /door.   Take this kitchen

Thats 14

plus 15 1/2

plus 6

plus 4 , but I forgot to do the big side panel by the fridge, so add 3 for that

plus 8

equals 50 1/2  so say 51 doors.   x 50 (and 60)   = $2550 – $3060   and then materials.

Material wise, I’d estimate

TEXTURED BASECOAT:    approx $300

8-9 quarts of Textured Basecoat       2 gallons  109 each = $218

3 16 oz Toners                                           3 toners 18.50 each = $55.50

RECLAIM approx $300

6-7 quarts of Reclaim                        2 gallons    124.95 each =  $250

1 quart of Reclaim Antiquing Glaze         $39.95

You can do the math yourself –    if you tackle your own kitchen you are looking at the cost for materials – in this case $300.  You are your own laborer.  Advantages?  Cost savings.  Can work at your own speed – kick it out in a couple days,  or drag it out for two months…. who cares if your kitchen is ‘in progress’?  You take pride, having transformed your kitchen with your own hands.    Disadvantages?   Takes time.   You mess your manicure up.

For Do It Yourselfing, I prefer the Caromal Colour refinishing paints for cabinets and vanities.  I’ve worked with these paints for 2 1/2 years now and the quality finish is second to none.  It does what claims –  bonds to nearly any prefinished surface (bonds to raw too) with no prep of sanding/stripping/priming – the only requirement is that your surfaces and clean and grease/wax free.   It is durable paint, the finish won’t budge unless you go at it with a screw driver –  that offers ease of mind that you won’t be looking at a chipping disaster in 6 months.  Best of all?  It doesn’t require a rocket scientist degree to apply.

However,   not everyone is into doing things themselves.  If you have money in the budget, and don’t like to DIY, then hire a contractor.    Make certain you hire a reputable one – no one wants to spend $3000+  for a kitchen redo and end up with a subpar finish.  With that said,  realize there are many factors that work into a contractors price – consults, travel time, overhead, behind the scenes prepwork…      A $50-60 per door labor price isn’t a gouge.

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoat  and Caromal Colours Toner ,  head here   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors


Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats – a great way to experiment with color combinations!


One response to “Using Caromal Colours Can Save You A Bunch Of Money – Kitchen Cabinet Redos…

  1. That’s about right! I charge $75.00 per door and $35.00 per drawer.


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