Caromal Colours Paint Parchment And Wisteria Up Close…

Trying really hard to clean up my camera disk – I don’t think I’ve shared these – if I have in a previous post, forgive me !

I love this cabinet – it captures the body of the Caromal Textured Basecoats – see the bottom half, how its so spotchy looking?  Thats how the first brushed coat looks over a wood door…

but L O O K at what that spotchy turns into

I use this door as a sample – to SHOW people how rough and raw these paints can look as the painting is in progress, but that the final outcome is nothing less than yummy!

One of my favorite finishes in the whole Caromal paint line – I admit, I like it better than the Reclaim Off White  –  but thats MY personal choice –  I like the full bodied, kicked back, soft, furniture finish feel….

Here, again, in brighter light

Not sprayed looking, not perfectly even … perfectly  I M P E R F E C T

here it is next to a smaller drawer panel finished in Reclaim Offwhite w/glaze –

and here is another Textured Basecoat door finished in Wisteria (white)

a color comparison of two Textured  Basecoats –   left is Antique Parchment (creamy) with Toning Glaze,  right is Wisteria (white) with Tea Glaze on top square, and Coffee Glaze on bottom square

this other 1/2 of the door is pure Wisteria with no glaze…  Again, the photo captures the beautiful finish of the Textured Basecoats

brighter light

Take your pick, they both rock

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors


  If you live in the Metro Detroit area, come visit Caromal Colours ONLY Retail Store!  Fabulous Finishes, 49972 Van Dyke, Shelby Twp 48317


Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats – a great way to experiment with color combinations!


4 responses to “Caromal Colours Paint Parchment And Wisteria Up Close…

  1. Looks wonderful. You recently talked about using the Caromal Colours textured as a chalk board which was painted on then sanded and you were going to try to use a toner. I must have missed the finished project. Did the toner work and still be used as a chalk board.

    • Hi Blanche, the toner ‘worked’ and the chalk works over it, but it doesn’t really stay on where you continually wipe off the chalk writing – so on my bayberry charger it looks more neutral green than the original tonered green… but I’m thinking if I poly’d it I’d ruin it? like it wont be like a real chalkish finish, but rather writing with chalk on a table …

  2. yes, that is what i am doing – i just did some this week – all in different colors – and didnt tone any – i’ll snap a photo and post later – but i did 2 good coats, then sanded good, then wrote and wiped with paper towel -then wrote again – works best. i wipe them with dry rag/towel and it comes right off – did a pretty tinted bayberry one on a ruby red tray…

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