Caromal Colours Pumpkin Over Custom Colonial Blue…

Charlene Caromal’d a table in a custom blue mix similar to this door I did

Now she needs to paint the chairs…

We did not tone the table…yet anyway.  We have one of the stencils and plan to stencil using the tea stain.  Similar to the samples you made up.   If you can do the sample with a parchment and colonial blue mix under the pumpkin heavily distressed that would be great.  My daughter is helping me with this an wanted to know if you can do a split sample with tea glaze over instead of the toner on one side on one side without any toner….

OOPS…  I didn’t read the request right – the left side, above , is UNTONED , and the right side  is TONERED….

I’ll show it off on a bench/table I recently acquired –

Now, the far left strip has TEA STAIN over it –

Closer up

Hope this helps you visualize!


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