My Store Neighbor – Fanci Footworks Dancewear…

I love my “store”  neighbor –

Teresa Young Foksa owns Fanci Footworks,  a Dance – Skate – Tumble – Cheerwear Retailer.

When I moved into my retail space I couldn’t help but notice the regular buzz of traffic frequenting Fanci Footworks.   It all made sense when I introduced myself to Teresa (go figure, she and I where mom’s to our same age kids all through the same elementary school!)  – she has owned Fanci Footworks for TEN YEARS!  Ten years in business and still open, still vibrant, a successful retailer!

How does one pull that off in todays world?    Well, my guess would be great  product selection, and just as great customer service.  Right?  You nail both of those, and you have game….

 I’ll end up buying something ‘she-she’ and I don’t even have a need for it  – my kid plays soccer, but I swoon over the fru fru…


Fun charms –

even  SOCCER BALL charms!

I told Teresa this needs to be offered in adult sizes – isn’t it romantic?

Not only did we end up with kids the same age, in the same school, but both our businesses are F F – Fanci Footworks and Fabulous Finishes…. cool eh?  And even better, guess what her dog looks like?

Bella!  She has a shepherd mix too!

Anyway,  I’m sharing this with you because I know I reach a lot of moms – and even though you might not be local to Metro Detroit, if you have a child in need of dance/cheer/skate wear and accessories,  Fanci Footworks sells online – they have not only an Ebay store but also an online store

Check her out


3 responses to “My Store Neighbor – Fanci Footworks Dancewear…

  1. cute, cute, cute —love this …..
    I design “5-6-7-8” tee shirts — every dancer knows that is the cue to begin ….

  2. Lord! You’d never catch me in that “romantic” outfit. Someone would call a cop!
    Hope you are well!

    • Come on Sissy…… 🙂 Now – I wouldnt be caught in the dance shoes like the ones hanging from the ceiling – they have built in toe things that make the shoes look big, and my feet are mambo enough!

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