How To Paint The Frame Of A Cabinet …

Debbie asks,

Hello Patty,

I would like to paint my kitchen cabinets in the Caromal Colour’s Off White Reclaim with the Antique Glaze. I understand how to paint the cabinet doors, but how do I paint the fronts and sides of the cabinet frame? Same process as the doors?   Thanks much.

Good question!

I’d remove the drawers and set them on top the counter, slightly hanging over – this will expose the frame of the upper cabinets.  If you open the cab doors you will be able to reach the rest of the frame (unless you are planning on removing all doors – then its even easier).

I like using chip brushes – they do a nice job of stippling paint on (bouncing).  Stipple the paint into areas that are hard to reach (like hidden behind that hinged door) then lightly brush out – brush all your frame parts, then roll any sides, or anything big enough to roll.

I use the chip brush on the inner detail of the doors as well –  bounce it into the detail,  then roll the rest of the door.

Does this make sense?

If you’re going against an edge of a wall, obviously tape…. get under the counter edge completely –

Paint the inner edge of the cabinet – where the hinge attaches – that is part of the ‘outside’ finish –  you don’t paint beyond (inside the cab)

When I painted this cabinet I removed the drawers to paint the base…

Don’t forget the kick  (ask me how  I know) …

Here’s another example of a cabinet finish – this is a factory finish, but you can see where the ‘cabinet finish’  starts and stops

Hope this helped!

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