Tinting Caromal Colours Paint To Pink And Grey With Polka Dots…

I wanted to sample a soft pink and grey using my favorite paints – Caromal Colours –  so I started with Texture Basecoat Parchment (off white)

added barely a hint of Candy Apple to get pink,  and barely a hint of Peppercorn (black) to get a grey

then taped an old oak cabinet door  in 1/2 and started brushing.  That’s why I love Caromal Colour basecoats,  just clean my cabinet door and start painting – no sanding or stripping necessary – and even better, their basecoats hide oak grain!    Layer one on

Layer 2 complete and getting a ‘blow dry’

Dry and lightly sanded, distressing the edges a bit….

A polka dot stencil – this one by Caromal Colours – part of their ‘sticky stencils’  that have an adhesive backing so they stick to the wall without adhesive spray, and are reusable –

stencil in place –

I used a little more of the black, thinned with water,  for the grey door’s dots, and a silver paint for the pink door’s dots.  The black dots were too stark so I gave them a splash of silver as well.    I applied Toner to 1/2 of each door sample…..

I like these two soft colors

but I’m not a fan of  my dots….

What about these dots?

Cute!  I should have used white for my polka dots…

This one’s a mod transformation –

Wooh, speaking of polka dots, look at these!  Its actually a fun concept, pretty married up with subtle tone on tone stripes,  but I wonder you be able to spot spiders as easily?

Even so, every store needs a polka dot door   🙂

*                  *                *                       *                          *

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample color


Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats – a great way to experiment with color combinations!




3 responses to “Tinting Caromal Colours Paint To Pink And Grey With Polka Dots…

  1. Patty,
    I dont think there’s anything wrong with the color of your dots — I just think they are a little too large in porportion to the door — and….. please tell me again about 6oz samples available, I think I need some of those 🙂

  2. and …. I LOVE those silver dot/stripe combo — and I LOVE, LOVE the girl’s pink/black dot room — too cute!

  3. yes, I agree – i liked that one door that had varying size dots…. the sampler sizes are actually 8 ouncers- all the textured basecoat colors are available in the 8 ounce, and I have a number of MM metallic paints available in varying size ranges from 2 ounce to 8 ounce (prices vary) – I know for sure Silver, Warm Silver, Antique Bronze…. in the next month I’ll also be carrying a pretty sweet line of metallic plaster and paint that is all tintable AND self leveling – that will be more than likely be offered in sampler sizes as well 🙂 i have the sample sizes available in my online store http://www.shop.fabfinisher.com

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