A Lovely Chest Revamped Using Reclaim OffWhite With Glaze…

The beginning…

I finished it using Caromal Colours Reclaim Offwhite, waited four days, then brushed the Reclaim Antique Glaze on and wiped off.  Here you can see the drawers glazed, and the rest not

I sanded some of the edges for interest…

Lovely.  Versatile.   Sold.   Working on another of that color!

Are you ready to Caromal your world?

Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats – a great way to experiment with color combinations!


9 responses to “A Lovely Chest Revamped Using Reclaim OffWhite With Glaze…

  1. I’ve been wanting to buy caromal colours for a while now. Wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets with the peppercorn TBC. Just worried its more than I want to do.

    • Hi Malena, I hear your question now and then from homeowners I meet along the way – one suggestion I have is, how about starting smaller? Maybe a vanity, or small piece of furniture? That way you can get your hands wet, and get your rhythm down – and realize how easy the CC paints really are to use…. Another option is – have you considered the Reclaim black (licorice)? The black covers amazing, and will be easier to use than the TB’s….

  2. That looks great…how did I miss that in your shop? I won’t miss it now!

  3. Does the reclaim leave the rustic prim finish of the TBC? Maybe I will do my dinning table first! Lol.

    • No, Malena, it doesn’t – it is more of a painted finish – like a eggshell cream paint, then glazed over. you can leave more paint on your whiz roller and leave it a little more stipply, but it still doesn’t give that look the TB’s do… Im in process of doing my dining room table in the peppercorn tb…. have 4 chairs done – table will be tackled when i get some free time….

  4. I am planning on the parchment (is that the creamy white?) for my dinning table and my buffet. Cabinets will be Peppercorn.

  5. Did you take the hardware off before you painted this? or tape it off?

    • I removed the handles – then put them back on for the photo op 🙂 Typically I’m inclined to paint over the old hardware, even a different color, or gild it, but this hardware worked so I went with it

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