A Vanity Goes Lucious Silver, With A Glaze…

Fun job- vanity cabinet revamp…

Client’s wishes?  A soft, romantic silver glazed finish…

 I first gave the cabinet a basecoat of Caromal Colours Reclaim Mocha –  a dark brown paint that sticks to almost any surface, ( it has a built in primer) – then applied a mix of Modern Masters Metallic Silver and Warm Silver paint

the final finish- over the custom silver basecoat I applied a toning glaze, then a topcoat for protection

such a pretty, romantic finish…

Lovely ending – not a difficult finish, but one that requires steps/layers – and each needs to dry…

but I enjoyed this client’s company, and was sad to finish!


2 responses to “A Vanity Goes Lucious Silver, With A Glaze…

  1. Great silvery finish- Well worth the extra steps!
    I do love modern masters, as I have been faux finishing for over 35 years and remember a time when we would hunt art supply store s for any size metallic paints to use. the cabinet really blends into this bathroom area nicely.

    I was so glad to hear your comment about missing your clients company as I often have the exact same reaction when I finish a job!
    great work and thanks so much for sharing it

    • thanks Jan – wow, 35 years! My hats off to you – I am guessing you also do murals? I lack the gene for any fine arts talent and admire anyone who has it – truly a gift from our creator!

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