Freshening Up Minka Lavery Exterior Light Fixtures…

Lovely fixtures, the original finish faded but too lovely to replace

I was called in to make them pretty again.. Here I start, I first apply a Metallic Primer Bronze

Already they look much nicer!  Four more to go…



primer base, some more metallic and stain, and a topcoat to finish it off

New fixtures!


5 responses to “Freshening Up Minka Lavery Exterior Light Fixtures…

  1. Delane Theofanopoulos

    Guess what I’ll be doing in the spring :)… I can’t wait!!!!!!

  2. LOL….me too!!!!

  3. Oh My! This is my Front Porch light fixture. I have been noticing that mine is getting faded with time. But like you said, it is to nice to replace. Mine is more on the Green patina color. I was unsure of what processes you applied..primer base is that the Metalic Bronze?? Then what next? I will have to write to Patty at the store before I do this. Hopefully someone will respond to this note. Give me some direction and I will have a spring project going!

    • Too expensive to replace, for sure. I used setcoat metallic bronze – its a very good quality primer base that is also metallic. you’d have to order it online – its made by Faux Effects. I use a mix of my stains, but you could use something over the counter like old masters gel stains (oil based) or a more full bodied water based stain – get a dark brown color like walnut – and stipple/dry brush that on – its all in layering, i’ll add a little more metallic back over it until I like what I see, then let it dry good, then topcoat with a good durable exterior topcoat. The key is in the bonding primer – so that it stays put. Clean your fixtures good before starting. You could also use the Caromal Reclaim Mocha (Brown) as the base, it bonds to metal nicely and can be used exterior, provided it gets topcoated, but then over that you’d have to apply a bronze metallic, then stain etc… one extra step.

  4. Thanks Patty. I will look into doing this project come spring. My husband likes these kind of projects. He does good with stippling. Like on some of my metal outside furniture and/or metal wall hangings that get too weather beat. I will look into Faux Effects.

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