Question on Counter Refinishing And Kids…

Hi, love your blog and info! question about the counter top re-do? regarding the not getting water on the counter for 7 days, how did you manage that or do you have suggestions for painting the counter top then doing the min wax, and then how long should it dry ? and between coats? we have 4 kids, so staying dry for 7 days seems impossible but we want are selling our home and need to give the kitchen a face lift. My husband is skeptical of the process and worried it will get destroyed by little fingers and/or water. Thanks, Heather Karas

Hi Heather, Sorry about the delay – i jumped ahead answering questions, and missed some from going out of order..

Glad you like it here :) Did I say that – to not get water on counter for 7 days? I don’t ever recall that one – I’m wondering if that was off the lady’s blogs that painted their counters?

The Caromal Colours textured basecoats dry relatively quick if rolled on – and you’re rolling on the counters with a whizz roller – its not a thick application. When I did that last vanity ( I rolled on the first coat, then let fully dry – about 4 hrs later I rolled on the second layer. next day I lightly sanded it then added glaze etc on top to make it pretty. I let that dry then next day poly’d it – I’d wait 2-3 hours between wipe-on poly coats and 6 hours between if you’re using a full strength poly. The wipe-on is thinner than regular poly, so it dries quicker – I like the wipe-on because its easy, and MOA free…but because of this, I’d apply a minimum of 3 coats – no brainer because it will go very quick. Just keep your counters free and clear , apply first layer, put can off to side, several hours later wipe them again, repeat…..

So – this is what I’d do – clean counters, roll on first coat in morning, later that day roll on coat 2. only time you’ll have to worry about kidlets is within the first hour or so after app. but stay off it. the next day, light sand them, wipe off with dry rag, then either glaze etc, or begin topcoating. if wipe-on poly then wipe on a layer, then wait 2-3 hrs before next app… i’d apply at least 3 coats. It will DRY to touch w/in 2-3 hours, so you dont have to worry about your kid smudging – so, say next day, you put cup on it – shouldnt do anything – butttttttttttttttttttttt i’d try to be very careful for the first couple weeks – reason being – most paints etc take TIME to cure – cure meaning fully fully dry, inside out, harden up, become strong….. early on, it can risk scratching or gouging. the water? i think once the poly is dry 24 hours, if you spattered water on it, just wipe it off – my worry would be gouging, or dragging, or heavy appliances sitting on top – leave all that off – Trust me Heather, it will be well worth it to give a fresh update to your counters, with one quart of paint and a tin can of wipe-on poly – hope this helps!



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2 responses to “Question on Counter Refinishing And Kids…

  1. I’m wondering too….if the counter tops once painted…..are durable as far as nicks and chips….or do you always have to be extra careful with everything that goes on it? I mean I understand you cant chop on it or use knives on it……but just things getting dropped on it or something like that… that going to make it chip?

    • Hi Mary, at the house we just moved from, I had painted the bath and bar counters in the lower level – they held up very well, though it wasnt like it was in our kitchen where you’re in there daily swinging stuff around… i know folks that have used both paint lines to do their counters – I prefer the thicker TB’s myself, 2 rolled coats still ends up being a thin enough layer, but its got a little more umph to it. You’re topcoating as well – which will allow clean up etc, but my opinion would be, ya, could you drop a can from an upper cabbie and have the edge land on the counter you could very well end up with a ding mark – just like if you dropped it on your wood floor…. maybe on a formica surface itself it wouldnt ding unless it was really heavy – not sure – but I look at it this way 1) it will cost ya probably $25 bucks worth of paint/topcoat used, to give a counter a fresh updated look. 2) if you do ding it? go back, tweek the spot with more paint, dab a little topcoat on it, and voila. Not like you wont have product left over. It’s a quick and affordable update , many are looking for this option. If I was going to stay in my house, and I had the money to update it with a hard surface, then I’d go that route, and have it be more permanent. If I don’t want to spend big money on my house, and instead want to make small, affordable changes that freshen things up? Then I’d be game for painting my surface.

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