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A Reclaim Proclamation: I Just Want To Paint Everything!

I asked a recent Reclaim customer if she had any photos from her project.  She was nice enough to send some back, and added

It was so much fun and so easy.

I just want to paint everything!!!!

Awesome, what a difference

Let’s look at that again

Reclaim Licorice is my favorite color.  It covers so wonderfully,  often in one simple coat.    Soon to debut are two new colors of Reclaim –   Versailles  a light blue, and Buttercream a creamy yellow.   As soon as I get my hands on them I’ll let you know!


Head to my store   SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM   for all of your Caromal needs  – including perfect 8 ounce samplers of the Textured Basecoats,  Reclaim, and even Metallic Paints – a great way to experiment with color combinations!


An Old Style Dining Hutch Goes Metallic…

It started as this, I loved it because it was so small but complete, compared to massive furniture now a day…

I first basecoated with Caromal Colours basecoat Chocolate, stippling it on, then topped that off with Modern Masters Champagne.  When dry I sanded with a mouse sander to reveal the texture

then brushed on the Caromal Toner and wiped it off

love this

From Brady Bunch to pretty nice!

You Know It’s Sunday, A Snowy Sunday…

Amy Asks, What Would You Recommend For Beginners?

Hi Patti, I am so excited to have found your site, I know you’ve heard this before! We are looking to purchase a home that has 12 year old medium oak cabinets, I have searched “hi and low” to find products that I can use to give them a new, updated professional look myself. I want a furniture finish, maybe the wall cabinets in parchment w/toner and a new island we will have built, in a chocolate textured base with toner. I now know the difference between the Reclaim paint (for smoother, easier application, and self-sealing) and then the Textured base coat line (thicker, more work applying and then you would need to add a sealer/protectant at the end).

First, what product would you recommend for a beginner (I do DIY projects a lot, don’t mind hard work and time) and what should I expect as far as drying times inbetween processes (like 4-5 hours or 2-3 days??).

I really want to eliminate most of the heavy oak texture, and I will be adding more moldings, etc. before I refinish. The cabinets are in great shape, hidden hinges and no previous hardware drilled…so it should have a great outcome [if I don’t mess it up!] Thanks so much, can’t wait to order my samples and get going! -Amy

Hi Amy,  nice to meet  you via blog land!  I hope  I can help…

Both the TBC’s (textured basecoats)  and Reclaim are options for DIY’ers –  the TBC’s are very versatile – you can mash them, smoosh them, brush them, thin them down and brush or roll –

Peppercorn TBC

Basically, create ANY look you desire, so all that’s required is that you like what you create.     You say you want a furniture finish –  either line will give you that – I kindof favor the TBC’s, only because you can do more with them – brush thinner, brush thicker, drag other color in… and they are quicker to work with – you can liteally blowdry the TBC and then sand, and brush on toner or glaze- whereas the Reclaim needs to wait a good 3-5 days before applying any kind of glaze on top.   Thats the ADHD in me, too anxious to get to the next step….

I like that the TBC’s are thicker – they will cover your oak grain better than the REclaim

TBC Parchment on left, Reclaim Offwhite on right

With that said,  I’ll find myself painting w/the Reclaim and questioning why I want to use the TBC’s –  the Reclaim application is  easy – brush areas that are tight, then whiz roll the rest…. do a couple coats, then wait 3-5 days and brush on/ wipe off  glaze…     Can’t find a quicker, easier application.

Reclaim with Glaze

If you add more moldings, don’t worry about priming, etc – just paint over those like the rest of your cab’s and you’ll never know the difference –  both lines of Caromal Colour paints can go straight over raw wood – no priming or prep necessary.      Hidden hinges?   Perfect –  their paints bond to metal too –  just paint over them for extra ease – I hate removing doors.

I wish I could give you better advice – like “Use Textured Basecoats”  or “Reclaim is better”  but really it comes down to personal choice.  Both are easy, both are doable, both will result in a lovely finish – but you need to decide which way you want to go.   If you want to see some samples give me a shout 🙂 ,  Patty