Silver Leafing Some Chairs…

It all started this morning,  my laptop’s Avast Internet Security program was giving me grief.   I had to call customer service, which turned into a 50 minute service call where they jump into your computer remotely and (hopefully) fix your problem.   While they virtually took over my computer, I continued to work at silver leafing a chair

I finished the first chair yesterday

and wanted to leaf the second chair before doing a clean up from the night before –  the process is a bit messy.

Why silver leaf?    Well, I have these silver leaf Drexel Heritage chairs…

and it dawned on me the other day that I could re-create that look myself!  So I grabbed 2 chairs from my storage lot and set to work.  I first basecoated with Caromal Colours Smooth Basecoat Chocolate (you can use Reclaim Mocha as well).  When that dried I brushed on a layer of Caromal Sticky Size.  In about fifteen minutes it was tacky and ready for the Silver Leaf –

The leaf is quite bright so I antique it back using the Caromal Colours Toner.  A quick rub of netural Liberon Wax for protection, and a seat cover update and we’re good to go!

Pretty!  Two chairs, for sale!

If you’re local and interested in seeing the process in person, along with creating Metallic paint finishes, sign up for one of our  Painting Furniture and Accessories with Metallic and Leaf Workshops.

To purchase the Caromal leaf products,  head here,  and be sure to use my coupon code, PattyH for $2 off shipping.


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